XANTREX Freedom XC PRO 2000 2000W Inverter 100A Charger 12vDC in 120vAC Out

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Xantrex Freedom XC Pro 5000 Watt Inverter, 100A Charger

Model: 818-2010
  • Extended Surge Rating: Surges to 2X continuous power for 5 seconds for motor loads
  • True Sine Wave AC Power: For operation of sensitive and motor loads
  • Ignition Control: Feature to turn inverter on/off via a 12 VDC signal and to minimize battery drain by switching the inverter off when the ignition key is turned off
  • Wide 10-18 VDC Input Range: Ensures inverter operation on high voltage alternators found on many new vehicle chassis
  • Programmable AC Under-Voltage (85-110VAC) Shutdown: Feature ideal to operate under weak shore power or generator input
  • Easily configurable settings to charge any lithium ion battery
  • Power Factor Corrected Multi-Stage Charging: Utilizes less shorepower when charging batteries. This frees up more usable AC power for running electrical devices and appliances and reduces the likelihood of tripping shorepower breakers
  • Programmable: Configurable 3 stage temperature compensated battery charge algorithm for optimal charging of almost any battery type up to 18V
  • Battery Equalization: Maximizes flooded battery life
  • Dead Battery Charging Down to 0 Vdc
  • Power Share: Prioritizes AC loads by reducing the charge current and maintaining the total input current to less than the breaker setting

The Freedom XC PRO inverter/charger, supporting RV-C and J1939 protocols, is the most versatile and flexible AC power solution in the market today. It also features a 100 amp battery charger and offers all of the configurable features of the Freedom XC series inverter/charger in a compact, light weight package. It cranks out full output in invert or charge mode from -4°F (-20°C) - 104°F (40°C) for operation in all climate temperatures. The extended surge rating enables compressor loads such as an A/C or a fridge to start reliably.

Inverter Specifications
AC Output Operating Voltage Options120, 110, 108 Vac
Continuous Output PowerContinuous Power 2000 W @40 C True sine wave (TSW)
Continuous AC Output Current16.7A
Surge Power4000 W ( ≤5 sec)
Frequency (Configurable)60 (or 50) Hz
Peak Efficiency91%
Full Load Efficiency≥ 86%
Operating Input AC Pass-Through Voltage Range85-140 Vac
Safe Non-Operating Input AC Voltage RangeUp to 240 Vac RMS
Power Factor at Full Charge Rate> 98%
Battery Charger Specifications
Min Battery Voltage for Charging0.0 Vdc
Max DC Output Voltage18.0 Vdc (custom battery type)
Selectable DC Output CurrentUser Selectable: 5 - 100 A
Full Load Max AC Input Current24 Arms
Max DC Charge Current10A
General Specifications
Operating Temperature Range4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C), with output derated above 104 F (40 °C)
Storage Temperature Range-40 to 158 F (-40 to 70 C)
Operating Humidity Range5 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Transfer Relay AC Current Rating30 A surge, 24 A continous
DC Input Operating voltage range10.1 - 18.0 VDC
DC Input Max Non-Operating Voltage25.2 Vdc
DC Input/Output Nominal Voltage (inverting/ Charging)12.0 Vdc
DC Nominal Current at Full Load192Adc
L x W x H (without flanges)5.4"(390 mm) x 10.8"(275 mm) x 4.9"(125 mm)
L x W x H (with flanges)16.0"(406 mm) x 12.0"(305 mm) x 4.9"(125 mm)

What's in the Box:
  • Freedom XC Pro 2000
  • Owners Manual
  • Pre-installed DC ground enclosure lug
  • Plastic bushings for large DC cables
  • 2 AC knockout hole plugs

  • Specifications

    Item number: 818-2010
    UPC: 715535903121
    Package weight: 18.50 lb