About Newly Overhauled Products
A product can be designated as Newly Overhauled for several reasons, including:

1. It was returned. People might return a product for many different reasons. Sometimes they simply donít understand how to use it. Other times itís because they received a product as a duplicate gift. Such returns may not be sold as "new" and must be sold as "Newly Overhauled."

2. It required repair. Some products require repair of initial defects. Rest assured, we only sell fully-repaired products that operate as new.

The Factory Servicing Process. When a product has been returned to the manufacturer, it is fully examined by trained technicians. They evaluate every detail to be sure it meets all performance specifications. If they determine that the product can be refurbished, it is reconditioned or repaired to factory specifications, then cleaned and tested. Only then is it packaged and presented here for purchase.

Warranty. Most of the newly overhauled products are covered by the same manufacturer's warranty as brand new products. (Both new and refurbished GARMIN products come with 1 year manufacturer's warranty)

Buyng a Factory Serviced Products is a good way to save.