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About us

GPS4us News came into existence through a journalistic merger. In 2007, journalist Irakli Gagua published the first issue of a weekly newspaper called the United States News. One years later, he launched a online magazine called GPS4us News.

In 2008, publisher Mr. Zelkin is also chairman and co-publisher of the GPS4us News. He has substantial real estate holdings, including properties in www.

GPS4us News Online (, the magazine's Web site, went online Nov. 6, 2006. All articles from the print edition of GPS4us News also appear on GPS4us. News Online. was established as a friendly, fast delivery on-line service, selling and shipping navigation products (GPS), accessories and various consumer electronics throughout the world. The business model we implemented at allows us to keep prices at their rock bottom lowest levels while providing friendly, responsive, service and quality products.

We are in GPS business for more than 15 years. Our promise to customers is to provide best GPS products at low prices! We ship our Garmin navigators worldwide. We also accept bulk orders from all over the world. As we specialize in Garmin products we can share our expertise and suggest the model which will best suite customer's need. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding Garmin GPS navigators. offers a full line of Garmin GPS for fitness, marine, auto, moto and geocaching.

When you thinking about buying GPS for yourself or as a gift - think!
We will help you to choose the model and ship it the same day. And of course you will always get the best value and fast shipping.

We sell GPS and we do it right way!


Contact The GPS4us News

phone: (310) 341-2299

13431 Beach Avenue

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292




Phone (310) 341-2299 (ext)2323 

Rus Abz
News Team Lead
Tel.: (310) 341-2299 ext. 2327 


Yakov Zel:

Diane Melik:

Irakli Gagua: 


Pavel :



phone (310) 341-2299 x2324


Director of Photography

Yakov Zel:

Irakli Gagua:



phone: (310) 341-2299 x2343

Max At :

Tatiana Kmelinina:


Director of Interactive Media

Tigran Tarumian:



Assistant Managing Editor

IT manager: Max At (310) 341-2299 x2343

Systems editor: Irakli Gagua (310) 341-2299 x2325

Developer/programmer: Pavel (310) 341-2299 x2322

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