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A New Add By Garmin Will Notify You When Your Car Has A Problem

by diane 2010-03-16 04:42

A new Garmin add will convert your GPS into a computer that will give you information on your car’s fuel efficiency, performance, as well as explaining error messages.

By plugging the ecoRoute HD module into the car's standardised onboard diagnostics port (OBD II), safely mounting the transmitter clear of controls and pedals, and completing the easy one-time pairing with nüvi, drivers can start receiving vital data from their car and view diagnostic information through nüvi's intuitive interface before a trip to the mechanic is necessary.

Drivers will also receive more accurate ecoRoute data, monitor their engine data (including temperature, RPM, emissions), and diagnostics through the Trip Computer screen. Drivers can then view Diagnostic Trouble Codes – with on-screen descriptions of some error codes – and reset the "check engine" light. ecoRouteHD can display up to 4,000 different trouble codes.

Garmin Australasia's Sales and Marketing Manager, Matt DeMoss said, "When it comes to fuel conservation and vehicle upkeep, the real-time information provided by ecoRoute HD is the key to being a smarter driver. Garmin is known around the world for getting you to your destination efficiently, and now you can know how your car is performing every step of the way."

Garmin also claims that the real-time data monitored by ecoRoute HD includes vital diagnostics such as:
•    Intake air temperature information
•    Coolant temperature data
•    Throttle position and engine load
•    Intake manifold pressure
•    Battery and charging system information
•    Mass airflow rate
•    Timing advance
•    Emissions

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