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A Smart Decision Offered By GPS

by diane 2010-05-29 13:28

Have you ever received a ticket by mail which surprised you? And you don’t even know how you got your violation as you have not been pulled over by a police officer. 
It is that red light camera that catches the back of your car with the license plate number. These systems are installed to free up officers and encourage drivers to be more cautious.
Aren’t traffic fines diminishing your earnings? Even the typical driver can’t ignore the possibility of getting a ticket and then having to fight the traffic ticket, or pay the fines and risk your insurance rates going up.
Do you know that your GPS can be used as a traffic camera warning system? There is a feature on every GPS called POI, or Points of Interest. A POI database holds locations of any address or location of places you may want to be acknowledged about. Companies are now providing many POI databases for red light camera locations, speed camera locations, and others. This works for any GPS – Garmin, Tom Tom, Magellan and others.
Is this legal? Yes, and most police departments endorse the use of GPS POI databases of red light cameras and speed camera locations. The departments goal is to have vehicles slow down and be careful through those locations. Your GPS is not a radar detector, it does not jam any signals. Since you have it in your car, why not turn it on and have it warn you of any upcoming speed traps or intersections with traffic cameras?
You should look for in obtaining a POI database for your GPS which has the largest number of locations in the database. People who drive for a living may want to refresh their database daily. Some providers limit the number of times you can refresh your database in a set time period.


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