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Aerial Sheriff surveillance drone flights provide greater safety of crime-fighting operations

by Rus Abz 2012-01-12 13:09


Aerial SheriffAdaptations of military surveillance technology are finding their way to help in everyday police operations as an efficient crime-fighting solution. The small factor unmanned aerial vehicle could be quickly deployed to track and chase down drug shipments and assess potentially precarious situations such as armed standoffs. The operating cost of the drone is tenfold lower in comparison of that required for a helicopter crew.  Fully loaded the 50-pound Aerial Sheriff is compact  enough to fit into the back of a truck. It can be airborne in minutes, and only takes five minutes to completely refuel. Designed to fly for extended period of time to support police surveillance operations and to get to the crime scene in no time.   Equipped with night vision cameras, infrared and thermal imaging equipment the unmanned vehicle uses GPS course compass unit and GPS enabled autopilot.

GPS guided aerial vehicleIn fully autonomous mode the onboard flight control system relies on GPS navigator to stabilize the flight while the ground operator analyzes the real time video information. The flying sheriff captures high-resolution video and aerial photos and transmits live video stream which is secured from interception. The Aerial Sheriff is the first drone capable of carrying not only surveillance payloads like thermal imaging camera for night use, zoom lens camera and a heat seeking device, but armed weapons ranging from Tazer to small grenade launcher or a gun that fires bean bags, however there are no plans to fly weaponized police drone.  

A pilot on the ground is using a laptop and joystick to fly the drone by remote control. The video streaming information is used to direct officers on the ground in in the search of the suspect. Aerial Sheriff is always ready to be called to quickly get to any place miles away from the mobile host vehicle. With GPS course compass and autopilot quidance and live video stream coming from an unmanned aircraft it is a powerful tool for all kinds of police work and is always ready to be called precisely to the scene of a traffic or other accident.

Drone Aerial Sheriff Advanced CameraLaw enforcement agencies are planning to use the drone helicopter to deal with criminal activities. The flying sheriff can read a license plate from 400 feet in the air and identify suspects and the vehicles that they are in.  The flying sheriff could also fly to seek for missing child or the Alzheimer's patient that has wandered off and in many cases when police can take this drone and launch it and give rescue teams a greater capacity to be able to find those missing individuals. An unmanned drone uses its heat seeking camera to help a police officer track down a suspect. Equipped with powerful cameras, high precision GPS navigation and transmitting technology, the UAV can quietly hover high in the skies over any location while sending its operators real-time video of the crime scene. 

Police forces in the UK have been flying drones for surveillance operations for several months. In the US the drone will only be used in mission specific situations. Police departments adopting the drone technology have been working with the Federal Aviation Administration to get clearance for drone flights, come up with operator training and flight regulations for law enforcement use of unmanned aerial vehicle. As always with new technology there are concerns that application of the drone technology is moving at a faster rate than the laws. The complete number of checks and balances on the law system are currently missing. American Civil Liberties Union and civil rights monitoring organizations are working with the police and law enforcement agencies to ensure the primary use of the drone is to provide greater safety protection of SWAT teams in their legitimate police work.

Aerial Sheriff drone in action

Flying Sheriff adds a lot of value as it discovers critical information about crime scene ahead of time for the safety of the officers. Use of the drone ensures SWAT team members are not getting hurt. Aerial Sheriff flights have demonstrated new crime-fighting technology can be utilized to provide for greater safety of SWAT teams operations.

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