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Apple patent innovation renders new bright picture for the synchronized multi-dimentional projecting

by Russel 2011-08-11 17:38


Apple 3d projectGrowing demand for the handheld and micro-miniature intelligent devices such as GPS navigators, smartphones and even wrist wearable GPS enabled personal training devices is somewhat limited as any micro-miniature or palm size device has the major limitation - the active screen area is good only for texting, in general. But with new trends and developments in leading innovators world, Apple as one example, the small screen may not be a barrier for the graphic rich applications, such as GPS enabled Topographic Maps. The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) patent, one of the most recent rendering technology innovations, beats the path for the notebook, smartphone or even micro miniature wrist wearable device, such as future version of the wristwatch GPS enabled personal trainer device, to render every detail of a wonderful in color depth function-rich graphics applications using linked smart computers with embedded and external projector arrays. 

Apple smartphone placed next to iPad or other  notebook device, or palm size GPS navigational computerized equipment, all in all will be capable of projecting and synchronizing the complex three dimensional Topographic Map, similar to Google (GOOG) 3-D Maps on any available suitable surface, say the white rock natural wall for the mountain climber and create the symbiotic multiple projecting three dimensional virtual work space. Right there in the tourist tent or in the outdoor geocaching GPS adventurer's field camp tent.

A newly published by USPTO - the United States Patent And Trademark Office Government website, the  Apple' patent application has provided a new and innovative path to the next step in advancing the single and multi dimensional multiple smartphone, notebook, handheld and other micro miniature device realm aiming projector-friendly enriched multi-device multidimensional new generation of graphical rendering of complex object arrays down to the very detail of the GPS enthusiast topo map guiding to safety in any outdoor environment.






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