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Artificial Intelligence finds new ways to work around limitations of the underlying silicon wafer computer chip technology

by Russel 2011-08-19 12:50


Artificial intelligence Enlightening. (Credit "cglitebulbblog")Researchers and computer scientists working in the area of artificial intelligence worldwide come to understanding of limitations of the silicon wafer based CPU and memory chip sets. Theoretically the limit of silicon based or thin film crystalline silicon chip computing capabilities are still to be achieved. But among the main enemies of silicon micro miniaturization by pressing more millions of low power consuming MOSFET transistor logic into the square millimeter of silicon wafer, even through advanced method of fabrication using nanosecond laser pulses, or making a multiple layered silicon sandwich, the enemy name is and Increasing Heat. The high levels of temperature inside the silicon based CPU device when it thinks too hard increases dramatically and the heat removal from the CPU and memory chip core becomes one of the main barriers on the way of successful technical implementation of the new generations of silicon based computer human - like brains. Not to mention the inherent limitations of photo-lithography technology. Therefore the brute force approach to increase abilities of silicon CPU and memory microchips towards the requirements of the artificial intelligence are hard to implement. The attempts to experiment with live cell computers or molecular level based alternative computing principles are still in discovery mode and far from production.

There are smart ways to work around the silicon chip heat dissipation and other limitations. IBM researchers are attacking the problem by creating computer chips still using MOSFET transistor technology but that behave smarter, following  the new artificial intelligence processing algorithms which let the CPU core "rest" more of the time acting similar to human brain when approaching the problem and using brains resources in a smart manner to process enormous amount of senses and flight of thought related information. The new chips and associated processing algorithms are to be named the Cognitive Computing Platform.

The Cognitive Computing Platform is, in a way, a metaphor for the human mind like behavior of the computer or robot team. Teaming computers within the fabric of cognitive computing platform approach means the participating robots has to be pre-programmed different from well known traditional computer or Von Neumann machine. Cognitive Computer Platform allows participating computing resources to communicate and share their newly learned experiences like we humans are participating in the brainstorm team meetings and once the bulb of innovation enlightens one mind the positive energy of newly generated idea on top of the think tank team solid experience bank of information sparkles the nuclear reaction of team members jointly brainstorming the new experience idea and transform it, based on deep immediate search into the experience "database" and applying the "best practice" design patterns, to come to the winning solution of the problem, or the real life situation change, depending on the particular goal of the Cognitive Computing application. The participating cognitive computers or robots expected to learn through shared experiences, find correlations, create hypotheses and store the best practice solution pattern for future reference.

Artificial Intelligence prototype (credit: "mytopratedxbox360games")

Since British mathematician Alan Turing pioneered the foundation of the machine intelligence which he successfully applied to break the WWII secret codes, the art and science of the artificial intelligence continues to impact the high end of the computer technology and research methods leading to new robotic behavior striving to narrow the enormous gap between abilities of human brain and artificial intelligence creatures. The never ending contest between robotic artificial intelligence and human brain activity in the real life situations leads to the new mathematical methodologies layered on top of Alan Turing's theoretical foundations for machine learning. 

The Artificial intelligence provides ways to map the human brain functionality and thinking patterns onto the computer programs architectural design patterns. The artificial intelligence enabled machine learning involves search and sort algorithms to scan vast stores of data, uncovers patterns and generate rules for predicting results with gradually increasing accuracy. Machine learning is a vital computing ingredient in modern application development, audio and video sensors, laser distance measurement and GPS navigational positioning sensor arrays and symbiotic hardware platforms improvement for military target engagement systems, security cipher coding and decoding, hacker attack activity recognition, spam filters, massive Internet search methods, selection of important signals from the surrounding noise, image recognition and computer vision, military vehicle engine noise patterns recognition, submarine and ship propeller cavitation patterns identification and human speech recognition. 

Robots engage into the constant communication patterns to keep in synchronization and  adjust robot team actions in real time. Artificial intelligence algorithms allow for  compensating of situational change on the fly. Robots having malfunctions go into the repair mode contributing the latest information gathered to the rest of the robotic team. This way the robot team is managing to protect the valuable data and let malfunction robots release computing resources to maintain their emergency repair mode. The rest of the robot team protects the information and reassigns most important tasks throughout the healthy members of the robot team. 


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