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Attitude Heading Reference and GPS Systems team up for higher navigation accuracy

by GPS4US 2011-11-02 13:03

Artificial intelligence robotic aircraft

In the artificial intelligence robotic designs the robust solution allowing for automatic optimization of positioning of cameras and antennas is a key requirement for overall performance and robustness of the robotic platform. The symbiosis of internal and external positioning and navigation sources of orientation information with higher sample and data rates has proven to become new and efficient solution for artificial intelligence robotic platforms self-stabilization. 
Onboard navigation solutions for self guided unmanned aircraft and artificial intelligence robots come at relatively high cost of very precise inertial positioning units and GPS navigation receivers working separately. The latest innovation in small factor GPS navigation systems, especially GPS miniature single-chip high-sensitive receivers and quad helix antennas, which are also used in GPS enthusiast handheld navigators, and Gyro technology provides a combined approach to lower cost and improve navigation accuracy of the new system. Symbiotic Attitude Heading Reference GPS System utilizes the idea of putting together two well-known navigation aid systems, gyroscope and GPS. This way each of system's specific gaps are cross-filled to provide a cost-effective solution for wide range of onboard navigational applications. 
The combination of the Attitude Heading Reference and GPS systems joins and formats variety of input data from the internal inertial three dimensional gyro's, adjusts data packet into ideal feed together with the GPS data, such that the unified data output is well suited for indoor and outdoor robotic tracking and positioning applications. Robotic platform stabilization mechanisms take advantage of the lower cost and better performance of the combined Attitude Heading Reference GPS system. The team work of sensor array, gyros and GPS in a robust package allows for an optimized control and position management of onboard gears, cameras and quad helix antennas. It is particularly important for small and light unmanned vehicles and robotic platforms, and other tiny footprint artificial intelligence platforms with weight, size and power consumption constraints. An exceptional data accuracy is attained by combining the attitude heading reference system with an onboard GPS receiver resulting in an ideal combination of time-correlated inertial and position information in a tightly integrated package suitable for systems with information vision and navigational sensors requiring high precision orientation control.
Attitude Heading Reference GPS System has no moving parts and is implemented as a miniature, low cost microchip based tiny-footprint module. The device embeds rate, vertical and directional gyros, acceleration and magnetic sensing module to produce a full inertial attitude and heading estimate. The universal unit also  features micro-electromechanical system sensor array, quaternion estimation filter, centripetal acceleration correction module, radar controller interface, micro-bus standardized inputs and outputs. The tiny factor device uses sensitive accelerometers, magnetic sensors, and a capable processor to support an Extended Kalman Filter algorithm which handles the  data fusion optimization. The other embedded application routines report unmanned aircraft yaw, pitch, and roll angles. The efficient maintenance software ease magnetometer gyro bias calibration procedures.
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