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Bad News For Thieves

by diane 2010-05-31 15:41

Nowadays, not every thief knows that a lot of trucks contain GPS Tracking device called the Informer. In Texas, a thief stole a truck that was equipped with a tracking device from Rocky Mountain Tracking.  After the truck was located, the employees of the company followed it at a safe distance and assisted police identify the truck.  He had no clue that his location was being monitored as he drove around in the vehicle.
Vehicle owners are enjoying benefits of GPS tracking devices installed in the vehicles whether for business or personal use.
Once an item has been moved, it can be tracked to within a few feet of its actual location.  This makes it easy for the owner to contact authorities and have the item recovered.  But even beyond this is the fact that police agencies are overloaded with cases and those of theft are not very high on the priority list.  They would certainly rather solve a crime instantly than have it drag on and on with no end in sight.
Tracking moveable assets – especially those that are very expensive – is a major way to help recover items and send a message to those who engage in these activities that it is no longer worth their efforts.
GPS Tracking is becoming a business all of its own and one that pays back those who use it.  Not only because their possessions can be returned in a timely manner, but also because some insurance companies are eager to reduce premiums when the devices are used on vehicles.
This makes the choice to obtain one easy and worth the investment.  It will eventually pay for itself.
What price are you willing to pay to keep your things safe or to be able to recover them quickly?  Compared to the cost of replacement, a few hundred dollars for a GPS Tracking device is a small price to pay.  The price is often less than the deductible on most insurance policies.


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