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Cosmos Quasar adjusts satellite's Atomic clock updates Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS Quartz clock telling your exact GPS Topo Map location

by Russel 2011-07-12 15:09


The GPS navigator in hand or on the dashboard or on the bicycle frame must be extremely accurate when it comes to time measurements. As we discussed in our mini-news articles earlier it is now possible to, still only for a very special occasions, employ the atomic clock on board of your GPS device, but , in 99 cases out of hundred it is still the quartz oscillated watch microchip , and not the atomic clock. Moreover, as we have been discussing, the atomic clock is not the "best" for GPS constellation satellites anymore - as the far Cosmos Quasar based clock is more accurate.Forerunner 610 with HRM from Garmin  So there is no end to perfection of the GPS timing mechanism, the only question is just price. So, we are back on Earth with a reasonable price range for newest Garmin (GRMN) Forerunner 610 or Montana 600 under $480 price range it is still the oldie but goodie Mr. Quartz Clock on-board of GPS device. And, moreover, Mr. Pseudo Random Seeded Random Signal Pattern Generator-Recognizer is too very important for GPS technology in hand. This one is subject for a separate conversation, however, let's save the random seed generator-recognizer for future and come back to talk about Mr. Quartz Clock chip on board of your wristratch size Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS navigator sports and fitness helper and personal trainer micro-miniature wonderful GPS device. 

Montana 650t from Garmin

So how in the world having just a micro-second-"ish" precision clock to ensure the GPS signals measurements which require a tenfold if not hundred fold better precision at least to put the GPS device accuracy in 100-200 miles accuracy range? I would not buy a GPS for $480 to tell me i am in 100-miles area of my real topographic map location. We are talking not millisecond or microsecond, time base measurements but a nanosecond intervals. With nanoseconds capability portable GPS navigator in traveler's hand can avoid 1 mile error, because one nanosecond compared to one second is as one second compared to more than thirty year time interval and Garmin Montana 600, Montana 650, Montana 650t GPS navigator family knows the difference.

And that is where the fourth fifth, sixth and even better seventh or eights visible to GPS device satellite comes to risque, even thou it is as far as 20000 kilometers sitting tight on its orbit. in fact the GPS device has to measure the GPS signal travel time with an extreme precision to avoid an error in the calculation of your GPS provided location, i would not be happy to be told i am somewhere say 100 miles far from my real location on the Earth Topo (Topographic) Map.

Therefore the GPS receiver in traveler's hand talks to four or more GPS satellites simultaneously to  synchronize GPS satellite Quasar corrected Atomic clock with GPS hand-held Quartz based clock down to the nanosecond precision. A level of accuracy achieved by Atomic clocks with or without Quasar correction. I do not know how much the Quasar corrected clock may cost, but Atomic clocks price range is several dozens thousands dollars, so satellite can afford it on-board, but i cannot if the Atomic clock will be embedded in my Garmin Etrex 10, Etrex 20, or Etrex 30 with GLONASS.

But no worries as the GPS satellite has Atomic clock on board. An on latest and greatest GPS satellites the onboard Atomic clock is adjusted after far cosmos Quasars. So, the chain of time adjustment starts at Quasar, then at Atomic clock and then at the Quartz clock in my GPS receiver in my Forerunner 610 wristwatch personal trainer now with Quasar cosmos corrected GPS satellite's Atomic clock delivering top accuracy to GPS user on the Earth to stay on the safe track.

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