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Cyber attackers target Ad Campaigns, SEO and Social Media Marketing tools

by Rus Abz 2011-11-18 15:01

Tune Market Audience GeographyOnline web business administrators know how to plan for various disaster scenarios such as hacker cyber attacks attempting to break the security of the web site to steal the valuable data, or otherwise put the web site out of business. As the protection measures and best practices of security methodologies are applied, the hacker groups are exploiting the social methods of breaking into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings and overloading the Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns. Small businesses often choose to keep their Search Engine Optimization tools and Social Media Marketing platform engines protected under the security umbrella of their web sites or web hosting providers with full control on the potential security vulnerabilities and required patches to timely and effectively secure their key Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing platform accessibility and settings.  

In addition to tuning up their Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing platforms many web businesses also choose to use ad campaign management tools, such as Google AdWords. This service lets you create and run ads for your business quickly and simplifies management of campaigns. Your ads show up on Google and partnering advertising networks, many businesses dedicate considerable budget to set up the ads campaigns which use pay per click option, so you only pay when people click your ads. AdWords ads are displayed along with search results when someone searches Google using one of your online business specific keywords. Ads may appear as sponsored links in the side column of a search page, and may also appear in additional positions above the free search results. That way the online business is advertising to an audience that is mostly interested in your business products. Some businesses choose to display their ads on display network sites in the growing Google partnership network. The AdWords users can choose the exact display network placements where a particular ad will appear, also there is an option to let contextual targeting match your business keywords to content. Ads could appear in different formats including text, image, and video ads. The tool allows to track your ad performance using different views and reports incorporated into the management suite of the advertisement system. 

Geographic coverage of any advertisement campaign created by the business user could be exposed to the whole world showing up in front of international audiences in hundreds of countries which is wonderful from the growing business perspective. Your own Search Engine Optimization methods and Social Media Marketing campaigns could benefit from more advanced tuneup of search and display networks key drivers of the AdWords toolset. Once you have reached to the international audiences utilizing the capabilities of keyword optimization and the search network, you can go far beyond than just showing your ads next to search pages results. The business users have a choice to go with the display network to expand their advertising campaigns towards newer audiences of potential customers as they browse, read, and research news feeds, blog postings and popular social media topics on websites related to your business. 

Social Media ServicesPutting together the best practices of your Search Engine Optimization platform and Social Media Marketing campaigns takes time an effort, as your business, especially small business gets involved with using the AdWords campaigns tools. AdWords blog, help center and discussion forum is good source of information. The more effective keywords you have chosen, the higher is likely-hood for the ad to reach your target customer audience. An opportunities page always offers new ideas to select your keywords. You may be surprised but include negative keywords will prevent you from spending your budget to pay for ads which could be accessed by the wrong people. Little things may result in big change, for example including free shipping, round-the-clock availability of services, directing customer audience to the web page they may be interested most and letting people know about unique features of your business all together give new customers more reasons to choose your products and services. In case your online business offers wide variety of GPS navigators for sports and fitness, outdoor activities and geocaching, for marine enthusiasts, the suite of supporting value add services, such as latest maps and bluecharts are conveniently accessible.   

While working on creating the new rich customer base campaigns marketing managers are envisioning efficient business goals to drive the website design and set the advertisement campaigns. Successful ad which does the job right always promises exactly what the business website can deliver to the potential customer. While focusing on the business side of the ad campaign it is important to test your AdWords traffic and carefully measure it keeping in mind your website content, products and services and the estimated geographic coverage of each ad campaign. As new types of social media related cyber attacks have been raised a wave of flood of inappropriate trash traffic against some online businesses with millions of automated bot generated hits on their product ads. Such massive attacks against your ad campaign line items may be originated from countries and territories where you have no customer base and none of your products and services were ever purchased by anyone in these geographic locations. All you may see is an enormous traffic generated by an automated cyber attack which overloads your ad campaign and shows millions of hits of your advertisements wasting your campaign budget but not bringing a singe transaction towards purchase of your product or service. The power of latest and greatest advertisement engines should be used with caution. Always consult the AdWords best practices to optimize your ad campaign for the right audience and keep your ad campaigns safe avoiding inappropriate traffic generated by automated bots of cyber attackers.

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