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Cyclist pedal powered filtration system innovates the way to obtain clean drinking water in the remote areas

by Russel 2011-12-01 14:11


Pure Water Eco BikeCycling technology innovation is offering new ways to use bicycles in most unusual but vital to human every day needs ways. Among new ideas to harness the power created by bikes comes the inventive way to provide clean drinking water using pedal power which is changing the world as we know it. Water is the most essential element that is needed for human live. It could be said that without water the human live will not survive. Because of that, water must be keep pure and clean from any pollutions which is not the case in the real world. Approximately one in eight people worldwide lack access to clean, safe to drink water. Pure water bikeOther studies show that every year more than 3.5 million people suffer of even die from water-related disease. Bicycle can help if it could accommodate the device which will be used to purify the water available in the area where the cyclist goes. Any bicycle could be converted into the water filtering station that purifies water for drinking. Clean environment and nature science researchers from Japan work together with ecologists, purification and filtering technologists to change the way water from any natural source could be effectively cleaned using the pedal power of bicycle and the mini-purification water system mounted on the bike called Cycloclean.

The innovative bike - friendly water purification device is simple to use and promises to become as affordable as possible and capable of being accommodated by most of the bicycle designs currently in use. It is easy to use too, as bike riders just head up to the nearest lake or river, upon arrival they insert an attached hose into the water, place the bike's rear wheel into a stationary stand, and start pedaling. The energy generated activates a pressure pump that propels water through the bike's multi-unit tiered water filtration system, at average producing more than a gallon of clean drinking water every minute, depending on how fast the rider is pedaling. According to early experiments it will take about ten hours of team work of  several cyclists to produce enough drinking water for more than a thousand people. To improve the efficiency of the cycling powered water purification system the bike itself is going to be modified to better accommodate the multi-unit tiered filtration system. Additionally companies interested in the invention are looking at the new model of the Cycloclean bicycle which will feature a puncture-free tires to prevent flats, pedal power measurement system, and GPS navigator to easily find the closest water reservoir, lake or river especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Water purification and filtering system for bike


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