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E-MiLi and MicroNav advance potential for the next generation personal communicator

by Rus Abz 2011-09-19 11:22


E-MiLi WiFi stretches portable communicator battery lifeThe bigger and brighter the screen and higher its resolution, which is an obvious desire of any owner of the personal communicator such as smartphone or tablet, but less power is left for the rest of the handheld device vital components, which also consume significant percentages of battery power, Bluetooth pairing, GPS navigational component and WiFi networking component are among them. There are recent discoveries in both new methods and new engineering solutions which promise significant improvement in saving the limited power resources and extending battery life of the next generation of tablet, smartphone, GPS navigator or other common use personal communicator that connects to  WiFi network. 

Scientists of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan have developed new power management method named the "Energy Minimizing Idle Listening", or "E-MiLi", represents the WiFi power saver technology prototype. The Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening methodology ideally has a potential of saving more than forty percent of energy currently wasted in the WiFi network session established between every WiFi end user portable device connected to the WiFi network zone provider.

We have discussed innovations in the server side virtual Cloud Computing Utility Services methodology involving Layer-3 of 7-Layer Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) standard network model in our earlier news article dedicated to virtual Cloud Computing. This time the E-MiLi innovation of Energy Minimizing Idle Listening reaches into the client side of the distributed networked computing, and into the WiFi related area belonging to the hardware, firmware and device driver layers and sub-components of WiFi network cards, or NIC, manufactured by diverse NIC and micro miniature portable and handheld device manufacturers. E-MiLi can work with any compatible WiFi network NIC equipped mobile devices.

What E-MiLi does it slows down the rate at which the WiFi receiver retrieves network packets. The new method is a clever little discovery, which recognizes and filters out unnecessary network packets which do not belong to the particular network session. Again the OSI  7-Layer model is involved as the smart filtering is done by inserting on the fly special structures into the network headers. The structures contain each packet destination address. University of Michigan researches introduced new algorithms to detect the particular end device specific packets. By recognition of the specially addressed OSI packets embedded as appropriate into the OSI 7-Layer model, the particular end user device's WiFi NIC wakes up and only then begins to consume the full power form the smartphone's battery.

Micro miniature GPS next generation power efficient technology

Improving efficiency of the embedded GPS navigational micro miniature module is another approach to  save even more battery power. The tiny MicroNav navigation system with a state-of-the-art GPS receiver has been shown among newest GPS navigational systems and equipment at the Defense & Security Equipment International "DSEi" exhibition in London. The MicroNav dramatically improves precision and decreases power consumption. The technology shows the potential not only for the sensitive quad heli onboard military GPS systems, but the best power saving qualities of MicroNav navigation system, as it often happens in technology realm will find its way into next generation of common use personal communicators, the new handheld devices, smartphone designs with an embedded GPS MicroNav navigation as another highly efficient portable device friendly energy saving technology.




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9/19/2011 2:26:14 PM #

Nice post. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday.I really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest.

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