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GPS Child Tracking Devices and Systems

by GPS4US 2010-01-14 01:46

GPS Child Tracking Devices and SystemsOne of the most frightening experiences for a parent is to lose sight of their child.  No matter where this happens, in a crowded mall or at a 100 acre park, the feeling of panic can be overwhelming.  To avoid such circumstances, GPS child tracking devices can be used to locate missing children.  These tracking devices come in several different types and not all are appropriate for use by parents.  Some of the more high tech devices are better suited for use by law enforcement agencies.

Before making a purchase it is wise to learn some facts about the various GPS tracking systems that are available and how they work.  First of all, some tracking devices work indoors and outdoors while others are restricted to outdoor use only.  This is fine if a parent only wants to use it when the child is playing outdoors, on a camping trip, or while visiting an amusement park. If a parent chooses to invest in a child tracking unit, it would be best to purchase one that can be used for a variety of applications; both indoors and outdoors.

Another model that is available is perfect for tracking teens.  It is used to locate the teen and the car he or she is driving.  Install this device in the family car, covertly if desired, and it will give location and speed information.  Real time alerts are available on some models. This way the parent can tell if the child is walking or in a vehicle, exactly where the teen is located and can receive speed alerts to let them know how fast the child is driving.

The best GPS child tracking systems incorporate all of these features plus an SOS button that allows the child to instantly send a message for help to five different people.  This feature could mean the difference between life and death in serious situations.

Most GPS child tracking devices use the Internet to report the child’s location and send out alerts via the company’s website.  Messages can also be sent to smart phones such as the Blackberry, iPhone, or Windows  Mobile phone.  Some devices let parents track their children in 3D using Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth.  Parents can set the tracking devices to give updates as often as every fifteen seconds if desired.

The cost of child tracking devices vary depending on the features and services offered.  Prices start at around $150.00 and range to $600.00.  The monthly fees for service also vary with $15.00 to $20.00 being the average.  Devices with more advanced features can cost up to $69.00 a month, plus some systems charge a one time setup fee.  The sense of security that comes from having a GPS child tracking device far outweighs the cost.

It is sad to think that children are not safe in their own backyards, but such is the state of the world today.  Parents should take the necessary measures to keep their children safe whether at home, school, or away on vacation.  Hopefully this information on GPS tracking for kids will assist parents in selecting the model that best suits their needs.

Denis Gardner writes on the subject of GPS Tracking for vehicles, children, dogs, and fleet tracking for businesses. GPS Tracking Advisor.

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