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GPS shoe enjoying environmental condition talk with the Smart Dust network

by Rus Abz 2011-05-11 16:53

The Gps shoes potentially capable of containing a full gps personal tracker and personal trainer features similar to the Garmin Forerunner 610 gps wrist watch seem to get a new wave of popularity once they will start communicating to the "Smart Dust" a tiny, almost invisible devices spread anywhere the shoe can go. That is the idea which may soon find its real life implementation, like recent boom of gps geocaching treasure hunting as just one example. In fact the gps shoe can also have an miniature power generator providing enough energy to completely eliminate the use of batteries which are one of the slowing factors in current gps shoe design.

Gps Shoes

This is well known GPS enabled shoe pair. Each shoe gps receiver talks to a two dozen global positioning system satellites on the Earth orbit. Next is also well known the Smart Dust concept. Currently Smart Dust mote, like one shown above, is capable of optical data transmission, data processing, energy management, miniaturization evolution and gathering sensoric information. However, each smart dust silicon grain "mote" cannot talk to the gps satellite because gps chip and gps antenna are still too large objects to hide in the smart dust mote grain. Solution is classic as each tiny mote talks to the bigger and more powerful nearby smart dust hub unit, which manages a hundred or so mots, and the hub can, in turn, easily communicate with the shoe which happens to pass by such hub, even without noticing the establishment of session of the smart dust hub to gps shoe data exchange.

gps wrist wearable personal trainer command center

Furthermore the shoe has gps connectivity missing by the smart dust grain, so the shoe has an advantage of having the precise gps information on hand from the satellites, and the full range of the sirrounding conditional information from the mots network. So, the gps shoe uses the enriched set of information for the benefit of the athlete in accordance with her settings of personal trainer software preset from the Forerunner like wristwatch command center talking to the gps shoe constantly. For the combination of two previously separated networks and with the new approach the cumulative quality of applications and services for the athlete increases greatly.

In symbiosis, in return for its services and weather condition and pavement condition information provided to the gps shoe. the smart dust mote may enjoy a chunk of energy for its internal battery coming from the gps shoe, which may gave the embedded power generator transforming part of the muscle energy of the athlete to feed the gps device circuitry of the shoe. And to share some of the gps shoe generated energy with the smart dust friendly motes happen to be around as part of the synergy network. Everybody are happily sharing useful information and energy, why not:) 

With the final touch the gps shoe may become the ground level communicator to the smart dust arrays of sensors. The number of possible quality applications coming out of the marriage of the GPS shoe and global positioning system to the smart dust network are endless, as world wide web is.

Like latest Forerunner 610  with heart rate monitor the upcoming Gps Shoe may have similar set of functionality and even more capable to advise the owner about hazard weather conditions or other alerts coming from the smart dust sensor hubs. While jogging, biking or hiking you will always be aware of the specifics of the surrounding terrain available to your gps shoe personal trainer algorithm and collected by thousands of mots hiding in the dust of the local smart dust mots network.

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