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GPS tracker plugs into Road Sign inventory and asset management system

by Russel 2012-01-09 14:43

Safety road signs

Leading providers of GPS tracking systems are developing new GPS tracking technologies which enable automatic tracking on the road vehicles, on the water vessels and valuable assets from any Internet connected device.  GPS tracking technology integrates information received from multi-GNSS and Glonass satellite constellations with distributed client server cloud computing web services, providing front end applications with universal intuitive GPS tracking interface. This multi-tiered approach enhances user efficiency while tracking assets from GPS handheld navigator or smartphone.  Mobile GPS tracking has become an invaluable asset to users by enabling efficient tracking, regardless of the track-able asset or tracking user location. The web-based portal is just a front end of the distributed GPS tracking application which uses the cloud computing database and provides an enhanced operation for traditional uses, and for the wide variety of unusual applications, such as an automated tracking of  inventory of geographically distributed objects, such as road signs. 

GPS tracking road signs inventory

High precision of GPS tracking information provided by GPS satellite constellation about each and every item in the inventory offers new way to perform highly routine duties by adding the missing object positioning component into automated inventory management matrix. The new uses of the tracking system allow optimization of traditionally difficult task of tracking the county road signs and keeping their inventory up to date. Highway and roadway superintendents are testing new features of multi-tiered GPS tracking technology and its enhanced software to take inventory of each and every road sign, to map each location using high precision GPS coordinates in the inventory database, for real time generation and  automatic  rendering of two and three dimensional topographic maps. The new approach will allow the road and highway managers to keep an eye on the condition of the road signs, including their retroreflectivity qualities. This is important for road safety as the Federal Highway Administration has instituted new minimum requirement for retroreflectivity levels. The strict deadlines and gives highway management agencies until the end of this month to figure out a plan for assessing the condition of their county road signs.  Road signs are a vital part of national roadways and highways. 

Road Signs GPS tracking and inventoryThey are critical for road safety warning of road condition and hazards helping drivers day and night to find the safest way to destination. All signs must meet the new minimum retroreflectivity levels for signs directly on the roadway which are ground mounted, and for overhead road signs as well by strict deadlines. The GPS tracking system and its GPS navigation hardware and software components have been reviewed by Risk Management Services for applicability. The GPS tracking solution for road sign inventory management will save countless hours and  pay for itself, automating the manual process of checking each and every sign. The new road sign management system relies on the GPS Intelligence tracker algorithms designed to provide objects inventory tracking capabilities via the multi-GNSS Glonass Online Inventory Tracking Cloud Computing Services and dedicated web portal. The tracking services and web portal are available for the mobile GPS users by logging in from any internet enabled desktop or portable device. 

The suite of tracking devices include GPS trackers with improved sensitivity quad helix antennas coupled with multi-GNSS GPS receivers and rugged outdoor design for reliable continuous service-free work in heavy cover areas and all weather conditions. Spectrum of GPS tracking devices is available in hard-wired, solar panel and battery-operated designs.  The tracking devices easily acquire GPS satellite constellation and are suitable not only for the inventory applications but for for multiple applications including fleet tracking, asset tracking and people tracking.

GPS inventory of highway signs anywhere in the worldThe next generation GPS tracking devices feature extended features such as live tracking at wide variety of polling intervals from seconds to hours, locate anytime ability, cell tower triangulation, 3D motion sensing, proximity alerts, Geofence boundary alerts, battery and solar panel condition alerts, tamper alerts, indoor tracking, weather-resistant designs, text messaging and email alerts. Transportation engineers are envisioning the enhanced integrated solution to interconnect the GPS tracking inventory technology with the Enterprise Asset Management systems. The innovative approach will allow for the integrated GPS enabled asset management inventory system to effectively manage street sign assets on the roads and in the city, as well as automatically assign and track work orders for all street, sign, and other right-of-way assets on the roads and streets. New vision for the GPS tracking technology adds highly secure radio communications to give priority to the traffic control systems which are communicating with emergency vehicles, on the road hazard alert and safety support systems.

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