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GPS units 2 billion strong

by GPS4US 2014-04-01 12:50

There are an estimated 2 billion GPS receivers in use.

Think about that number. Two billion. Almost twice the population in China. Almost seven times the
population of the United States.

And another estimate figures that, by 2020, there may be 10 billion GPS units in use. So that nuvi you

use to find the best way to and from work each day?   It’s a miracle of science that has become totally
commonplace in the world.

It wasn’t long ago that GPS wasn’t the standard. We had paper maps that couldn’t tell you if a road was
closed, or predict traffic or give you an estimated time of arrival. It was just folded up in your
glove box, and once you unfolded it, it was almost impossible to fold it back.

That was 20 years ago. Maybe less, depending on when you jumped on the GPS train. And there’s nothing
wrong with maps. Maps are amazing. But digitized maps have shaped our culture, and given us new routes
to explore and new information to make life easier.

Two billion GPS units may not be that newsworthy, we’ve been living in a GPS-dominated world for some
time now. But if you take a step back to realize how a few satellites circling the globe, and a few
innovative companies like Garmin have made our lives more efficient, it’s just amazing. It’s not just
about where we are now. It’s about where we’ve been and where GPS can take us. With new satellites
heading into orbit soon, and technology moving faster than we ever imagined, the future is a beautiful

But good thing we’ll know where we’re going.

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