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Garmin’s nüvi 2798LMT everything you want in GPS navigation

by GPS4US 2014-03-25 13:30

They keep saying smartphones are cutting into standalone GPS unit sales.

That may have some truth to it, but Garmin keeps giving its customers reason to stick with them when it
comes to navigation.

Look no further than the new nüvi 2798LMT, which does a lot of stuff your iPhone can’t.

Like what?

Well, for one, your nüvi 2798LMT comes bundled with the BC 20 wireless backup camera, which you can
install on your car. It gives you owl vision, basically, enabling you to easily spot vehicles,
pedestrians or anything else that might be lurking behind you as you back up.

Plus, Garmin Traffic, which comes standard on the nüvi 2798LMT, keeps your map on the screen at all
times, and tips you off to upcoming traffic conditions. It’ll tell you how long your delay could be,
and suggests possible detours. It’ll even confirm whether or not you’re on the fastest route.

And you know how you keep barking directions at Siri and she never fully understands? Well, with
voice-activated navigation, you won’t have that issue with the nüvi 2798LMT. Just let it know what
you’re thinking, and it will respond intelligently. And your hands never have to leave the wheel.

You also get everything you’d expect from a Garmin nüvi model, including a 7-inch display and super
detailed maps of North America that you can update for life, for free.

So though you  may be able to rely on your smartphone to suggest a route, you can always be sure the
nüvi 2798LMT is taking you where you need to be as fast as you need to be there.

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