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Garmin Dash Cam can change your driving experience

by GPS4US 2014-02-07 11:14

It’s been a month since it was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, so we forgive
you if you’ve forgotten.

But we want to remind you that the Garmin Dash Cam 10  and Dash Cam 20 are available now.

It’s Garmin’s first set of Dash Cams, and they’re both affordable. Right now you can get the Dash Cam
10 for just 219.99 and the Dash Cam 20 for 249.99 in our store. You won’t find a better price on a
product so useful.

What’s the difference between the Dash Cam 10 and the Dash Cam 20? Glad you asked. Basically, the Dash
Cam 20 has GPS capabilities for geotagging all your footage. The Dash Cam 10 doesn’t.

Now, what else do you get for that price? Well, how about HD recordings with a 2.3-inch LCD display? Or
a Snapshot feature that lets you take still images. You can even take the Dash Cam out of your car to
capture collision damage. You’re also getting an integrated microphone that records sound inside your
vehicle. Oh, and the Dash cam automatically saves footage of collisions and incidents.

Here’s the thing. The roads can be scary sometimes. You never know when the driver in the next lane is
going to swerve in front of you, or if an animal darting across the street is going to force you to
stop suddenly, causing the guy behind you to slam into your car. When the insurance company comes
around, it can’t hurt to have footage of what went wrong.

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