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Garmin Forerunner Gps wristwatch navigator family new happy fitness smile

by Russel 2011-06-12 12:50

Garmin (GRMN) Forerunner family smiles brighter. 

GARMIN Forerunner 610 new and convenient

Garmin gps wrist watch navigator line gets a major touchscreen uplift, the new Forerunner 610 anf Forerunner 310XThr both intercommunicate to an athlete nervous system not only vibe-communicating to the nerve system via vibration alerts, but now getting commands from the touchscreen. Smart gps navigator and immaculate personal trainer now becomes a virtual partner racing in sync with the athlete, talking to fitness equipment about workouts intervals.

Forerunner ergonomic design

In fact this smart touch-screen and touch-skin gps cycling trainer, compatible with most virtual racer devices, the all-new Forerunner six ten and Forerunner three hundred series improves positive training effect and becomes individually special to its happy owner keeping traditional features such as traditional heart rate monitoring, as well as by allowing flexible yet precise customization of its screens to adopt to automatic lap and pause and other valuable features. You can touch, scroll and swipe the friendly screen tracking your run or bike-pattern in the rain even if you are wearing your joggling or cycling gloves.

Check our online store's Garmin Forerunner shelve as we expect to receive the new Forerunner-s in stock soon. 

Forerunner 310XThr from Garmin

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