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Garmin GPS tracking device helps Alzheimer patients to stay within safe family boundaries

by gps4us news 2011-05-26 10:24

Not so long ago Garmin (NASDAQ:GRMN) introduced a new GPS tracking device 

Garmin's gps tracking device GTU 10 locator which is of great help for Alzheimer patients, often known to be also visually impaired. It allows to set the boundaries and monitor them in real time Garmin Gtu 10 locator gps geofence boundaries on the map on the color display.

In many cases this small size device may help saving a family member life. Alzheimer’s disease affects mental facilities such that they are deteriorating in some cases dramatically. It is difficult and painful for the suffering from Alzheimer’s person and for surrounding loving family members caring about to overcome many concerns day by day. Memory loss and uncontrolled behavior of the patient may cause unpredictable situations when life may be in danger.  


My dad was driving his Opel Captain manufactured 1939, GPS has not been invented at the time, but the disease was there he had Alzheimer's, i wish such gps devices have been available at the time. If not driving he would quietly leave the apartment and walk far away then forgetting where he was going and not knowing how to get back home. Thanks to people who would help him find way home, but every time he would go away again it was getting worse and worse. I wish such a device could be in the store but, thanks to gps technology, it is on the market and reasonably affordable these days.

My family experience with my dad suffered so badly confirms medical studies which observed that over half of all Alzheimer patients experience serious memory loss are they are becoming lost more than once as the disease progresses. Other studies estimate that if Alzheimer patients are not found within a day or two, many of them as they are primarily elderly persons may end up dying or may hurt themselves, or be hurt been lost. The GPS tracking device such as Garmin tracking beacon helps keep those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s safe. Device is small, light and reliable. It does not make the Alzheimer patient feel inadequate and easy to be kept in her or his vehicle or in the pocket.

This link describes what exactly this gps tracking device can do and how to use the tracking software application in real time. Thanks to gps technology many people lives are in safety and it is much easier for family members to take care of their loved ones. 


Apparently to make another step in helping Alzheimer’s patients some health care, shoe manufacturer's and GPS technology companies like Garmin and others are putting an effort together creating footwear like gps shoe as one example, belts and even clothes with an embedded GPS navigation beacons that could assist tracking lost or wandering mostly senior patients suffering from Alzheimer's memory loss.


GPS shoes for Alzheimers patients



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