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Garmin anniversary paved way for GPS products

by GPS4US 2014-02-19 11:54


We recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first GPS satellite launching into orbit.

Well, it’s time to get out the party hats and decorate the cake once again. Garmin recently celebrated
a pretty impressive anniversary of its own. On Feb. 16, 1994 – 20 years ago if you’re bad at math –
Garmin’s GPS 155 received authorization from the FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO), becoming the first
GPS navigation product to be fully certified to FAA TSO-C129 Class A1 standards.

That meant that pilots could, for the first time, fly in instrument meteorological conditions
throughout the departure, enroute and approach phases of flight.

And it turned out to be a major milestone in navigation technology.

“Our commitment to develop state-of-the-art technology is present yet today as we celebrate this
industry-leading innovation in Garmin history,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation
sales and marketing. “The GPS 155 TSO laid the groundwork for future aviation milestones and set the
standard for product development, eventually ushering in the foundational technology for what is now
referred to as NextGen.”

The approval of the brand new technology paved the way for the more advanced technology we see on
today’s GPS units, including map displays, terrain avoidance systems and synthetic vision.

Garmin has evolved naturally into one of the largest GPS manufacturers in the world. It continues to
break new ground with innovative products like the  GPSMAP 64  or the Garmin Head Up Display Plus.

And without that approval 20 years ago, who knows what the GPS world would look like today?

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