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Garmin conquers the lakes with LakeVü HD Ultra

by GPS4US 2013-11-19 15:09

Garmin this week announced an impressive upgrade to LakeVü HD Ultra, which will help anglers see even
more lakes in crystal clear definition.

It’s a significant addition to Garmin’s already extensive database of lake cartography.

 “Cartography is such a crucial part of the fishing experience and LakeVü HD Ultra brings unrivaled
detail to the angler’s fingertips,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales.
“Garmin is dedicated to producing the best freshwater cartography on the market. With an expanding
database of lakes and the incredible precision of MaxDef, LakeVü HD has more than double the detail of
the nearest competitor for inland mapping.”

The update includes a huge increase in the number of LakeVü HD Ultra lakes. Garmin says more than
17,000 lakes are represented, and LakeVü HD Ultra “boasts over 5,700 high-definition lakes with 1-foot
contour lines shore-to-shore, 10 times the previous amount.”

The idea? Make it incredibly easy for anglers to find that fishing hot spot.

The new LakeVü HD Ultra also includes high-resolution relief shading, which helps users interpret
bumps, valleys and drop-offs. LakeVü HD Ultra also counts the entire United States as one region,
consolidating the five separate regions it used previously. It also works with the new DownVü and
SideVü scanning sonar, which Garmin announced the same day.

LakeVü HD Ultra includes exclusive Garmin surveyed MaxDef lake maps. MaxDef maps currently include over 40 of the top fishing lakes in the U.S. and are far more accurate than the leading recreational fishing
cartography currently available.

“MaxDef presents a level of detail never before seen and offers an authentic representation of the lake
bottom,” Garmin said in a statement. “It integrates highly detailed sonar imagery and unprecedented
views of the lake bottom with precise accuracy. MaxDef also includes surface and side scan photos of
notable structure and submersed landmarks, providing a complementary picture to the angler of what’s
below the water’s surface.”

LakeVü HD Ultra will be compatible with the new  GPSMAP 500 and GPSMAP 700 series units, not to mention
the existing GPSMAP 800 and 1000 series and echoMAP 50 and 70 series.
The GPSMAP 500 and 700 series units – along with LakeVü HD Ultra – will be available in early 2014.

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