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Garmin eTrex, Rino, Astro and GPSMAP 62 supported by new Geo-web leads geocaching adventurers to new hidden treasures

by Rus Abz 2011-06-10 11:30


Handful of Garmin (GRMN) new products announced recently including the eTrex 10, eTrex 20, eTrex 30 along with Rino 610, Rino 650 and Rino 655t, as well as latest and greatest Astro 320 bindle for hunters and GPSMAP 62stc family of GPS navigators, including Gpsmap 62sc model, the new wave of Garmin invention and product upgrades seem to boost the Geocaching sports and fitness events and activities all over the world.

Garmin Gpsmap 62stc for geocaching

The newest idea of the hidden caches is to add a more sophisticated treasure sets including megapixel camera activated on cache open inside, and the geocache snaps your picture when it is found and accessed by signing in the log.

Garmin Geocaching event in open air mountains environment attracted a lot of GPS fans

Garmin helps geocachers by loaning out plentiful of GPS handhelds such as newly redesigned eTrex, Rino, and GPSMAP 62 so that geocache fans may explore new possibilities and geocache while they participate in the various events going on all weekend at the Garmin sponsored Geo-games.

Like Teva Mountain Games which introduce geocaching and on the water activities surrounded by beautiful mountain nature scenery.

Garmin GPS navigators have been tried, Geo-tested and enjoyed by all participants, kayakers, mountaineers, open air enthusiasts and geogcaching fans having good time in the picture the most amazing adventure sports.

Along the way GPS enthusiasts stopped by and discovered newly designed GPS navigators and supporting services right at the Garmin booth. It became one of the most visited places in Gear Town during Teva Mountain Games events.  


Also in the news today are new hot features introduced by Garmin in the geocashing world wide website awhile ago in its Beta and now becoming cool and mature with growing geocaching audience support and input. You may think about brand new Gps geocaching chirp beacon or new gps gadget, and yes they are constantly improved from the engineering and reliability design point view. But even better there is another new treasure silently supported by Garmin geocaching team to help "cash" treasures finding be more fun - that is the web site called with nice buddy CacheDroid welcoming you.

While still in beta as this new site has been serving pages just few months, and we've been watching it with interest. I have to admit Garmin's new baby grows fast and, according to the freely available forum is a success thanks to international geocaching community. Garmin's technology and engineers team listens carefully to suggestions from the field to absorb the best practices from geocaching teams all over the world. Every comment and email is most valuable input to improve the existing services and test-bed and offer new ones to make treasure hunting more fun and joy for kids and their parents.


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