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Garmin releases Vector power meter for cyclists

by GPS4US 2013-08-07 15:48

If you’re a cyclist looking to improve your performance, Garmin just gave you a brand new tool to measure your ouput.

On Wednesday, the company announced the release of Garmin Vector, a high-precision, pedal-based power meter for cyclists. The lightweight meter installs quickly to your bike, and gives you accurate and reliable power days while uniquely measuring right and left leg power balance to ANT+ compatible head units.

“We are grateful for the understanding of cyclists who have followed Vector’s progress and allowed us to ensure that Vector exceeds industry standards,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales. “We are thrilled to share Vector with the world and allow cyclists to see first-hand the richness in data and capabilities that come from the combination of our location of measurement – the pedals – and Vector’s sensor design.”

Vector gives cyclists an objective, repeatable value for performance assessment in watts.

“Vector works by measuring the normal deflection in the pedal spindle as you pedal, throughout your entire pedal stroke,” Garmin said in a press release. “By comparing the measured deflection to a factory-calibrated deflection caused by a known load, Vector can determine how much force you’re applying to the pedal. With force measurements, the cadence measurements from Vector’s integrated accelerometers, and time, Vector accurately calculates watts. The force sensors are permanently and securely sealed within the pedal spindle, one of the most robust components on the bike.”

If you’re already using the Garmin Edge 810 or 800, the Edge 510 or 500, or the Forerunner 910XT, adding the Vector power meter will allow you to increase your training results. Vector sends your data to your Garmin Connect account, where you can analyze and plan your training.

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