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Geocaching camp teaches kids the basics

by GPS4US 2013-07-11 17:17
Back in the day, summer camp consisted of roasted marshmallows and campfire stories.

But a group of kids in Juneau, Alaska got a whole lot more, recently spending three days at a geocaching camp held by the Juneau Economic Development Council. The children learned the basics of geocaching, including how to read a map and a GPS device.

The kids spent time on geocaching trails around a local high school, and even found a geocache.

““They loved just going out there with the GPSs and tracking down the Geocaches,” Eric Bookless, the instructor, told the Juneau Empire. “They were pretty excited when they found the actual Geocache.”

The kids also made a few geocaching trails of their own, and learned about the basics, such as waypoints and setting a compass to magnetic north.

“It was pretty cool,” 10-year old camper Gavin Gende, 10, told the Juneau Empire. “We found one that had a bunch of stuff in it, but it was cool to find a real Geocache.”

Bob Vieth, who oversees the JEDC’s science, technology, engineering and math programs told the Juneau Empire of the importance of knowing how to handle a GPS unit.

“And geocaching is a great way for them to learn those particular skills,” he said.

We love the idea of a geocaching camp. But, if you want to get your children into Geocaching, you can start by finding the right equipment, such as the Garmin Dakota 10 geocaching bundle or the Garmin Oregon 550.

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