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Getting a friendly personal trainer on your wrist - Garmin Forerunner GPS watch gets you in shape for marathon

by Rus Abz 2011-05-17 13:07

Marathon strengthens both physical and mental abilities of a person engaged and it takes courage too. You are one to one with the road and having a gps personal trainer on your wrist is of great help. especially for a beginner looking for a most optimal training schedule for her initial marathon.

Learning a marathon takes time and patience and with personal trainer taking care of your marathon the preparation goes smoother and with less stress. One may think well it is off my budget to hire a trainer... but think again about Forerunner GPS enabled sports watch, wrist wearable to be the one for you.

As with any product you do your homework researching or investigating for the sports and fitness best products for your buck, such as the Garmin Forerunner 610 or garmin Forerunner with heart rate monitor.

Those GPS watch will inform you timely about all you want to know about on the road speed, pace, heart rate and even display your run track on Garmin web site powered by Google maps. It helps to complete athlete’s workout would it be hitting the track or a embarking on the trail. It could be an interval run too, so, regardless of your particular marathon training facet you may rely on your wrist watch sensor and CPU brain somewhat smarter than the notable "Motoola 1-bit Processor"  as some of you may or may not know 

Many years ago Motorola  (NYSE: MOT) (did it split into two companies earlier this year? check the news to be sure)  manufactured a one-bit CPU, the 14500, that was about as simple as you can get and still have a processor. No wonder with modern smallest CPU available for gps wrist wearable devices, susch as GPS capable training watches, they are indeed the serious sportsperson’s dream. In one small wrist watch, thanks to the 8-or more-bit microcontroller that includes a CPU  8 bit CPU running at 12 MHz often used wearable appliances like gps wrist watch running at 12 MHz or higher,

There is enough CPU power to perform complicated functions to accumulate a complete record of any sport you might choose, covering on the road, in the air and on the water activities.

Going deeper with sonar extension to gps you can even use it underwater. Anyways, some may like the gps shoes with heart rate monitor, to advise you while you workout and to remember the whole trail with sensor-aided heartbeat and other info send it to the topo map computer and and display on Google map or Garmin web Topo map with high precision.


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