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Go Geocaching with Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Assisted GPS

by Russel 2011-10-19 15:51

Geocaching MapA major release of a mobile operating system would not be complete without . The major ones in Ice Cream Sandwich are the social and calendar application programming interfaces, which Google will be pushing prominently to developers over the next couple of months. The social API enables mobile applications store and share contact and content data on social network users, depending on permissions set. With user permission Apps and social networking like Twitter or Facebook can be integrated. Applied permissions allow to read profile data and display it in the activity, photos, email and text  applications.

Google's latest and most importantly major release of a mobile operating system is called "Ice Cream Sandwich". The ice cream powered mobile computing platform for the next generation smartphone comes complete with a host of new and improved application programming Interface. Surfing the wave of Ice Cream Sandwich announcement Samsung Electronics today unveiled the Galaxy Nexus mobile phone. The new phone running major update of the operating system is planned to become available for sale on the electronics device  market next month. The new high-end smartphone Galaxy Nexus boasts almost 5-inch large high-definition 720-pixel resolution display. The display uses an Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode based super-technology, and a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor "cooled by ice cream":), that let it power most processor-consuming security tasks, including face recognition scan which is computed against the image database to unlock the smartphone. 

The Galaxy Nexus has a 5-megapixel panorama mode camera with auto-focus, zero-shutter lag and full HD 1080-p video recording. Mobile user will enjoy large memory size of 16GB and 32GB in different flavors of the phone, LED flash capabilities and an extra 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera to make sure face recognition security unlocking feature works perfectly fine. Same way Apple OS runs on more than once type of mobile personal communicator, such as Apple's iPhones and iPads, the new Google's Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating platform that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone uses can run on smartphones and tablets as well. The Samsung smartphone was announced shortly after Apple posted earnings that missed market estimates. Over four million of iPhone 4S gadgets were sold just in three days in October.

A-GPS for newest Geocaching Smartphones

Samsung has worked closely with Google to innovative smartphones and tablets. Powered by the new operating platform they allow to combine software applications for a variety of personal assistant devices. Android is the world's most-used smartphone platform working on hundreds of millions devices, while Samsung is the top seller of Android phones. Samsung newest Galaxy Nexus mobile phone will have access to more than 300,000 applications and games which is getting close to the wider spectrum of applications available from Apple's App Store. Moreover Galaxy Nexus smartphone supports GSM and CDMA standards, along with emerging and developed technologies that comprise the existing 3G and 4G networks via Long Term Evolution specification, High-Speed Downlink Protocol Access and High Speed Uplink Packet Access communication technology.

For GPS adventurers, geocachers, outdoor fitness and sports enthusiasts, mariners, bikers and cyclists the smartphone advanced GPS navigational antenna, chipset and GPS application programming interface will be working in sync  with mobile specific the enhanced "A-GPS" support feature. The "A-GPS" is designed to suite mobile devices by offloading the heavy computing of GPS calculation tasks from mobile device processor and memory, freeing the resources for other tasks. like social networking . The A-GPS takes assistance from GPRS services, and in close proximity to service provider network downloads GPS information directly from there, to pin-point the current GPS location more accurately. The A-GPS delegates most intense GPS-related tasks  to the A-GPS cloud computing virtual services. The GPS assistant virtual cloud computing server establishes communication channel with the smartphone over GPRS or other currently available Internet based data connection and A-GPS distributed application load balances the intense computational task to deliver the most precise and timely GPS data to the mobile user.

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