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Google acquires Zagat soon after Motorola Mobility adding strategic value towards next generation of traveler and consumer services platform

by gps4us news 2011-09-08 16:52


User generated content includes restaurant reviewsRecent Google's multi-billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility (covered in our earlier news article) is followed by the next acquisition steps. Now Google (GOOG) acquires Zagat, the early originator and recognized leader in user-generated content. Zagat is also known as the creator of the influential and trusted by millions users around the globe, the consumer reviews real time online framework. 

The highly precision GPS navigational information is now embedded into topographic maps, the three dimensional topo maps, bluecharts, digital images, photographs and videos taken by personal communicators like smartphones. Acquisition of Motorola Mobile has enormous potential. Just one example is sleek and powerful Motorola Droid, an impressive smartphone very capable of topographic maps, imaging raw data, 2D and 3D graphics processing opens way for the newest GPS enabled smartphone features such as GPS aware Google's new turn-by-turn 3D Maps Navigation Service. The highly precision GPS navigational information finds its place in the digital images taken by the GPS aware smartphone's camera, video files can store the GPS longitude and latitude information coming from the constellation satellites. Not only the smartphone with the embedded GPS quad helix antenna feeding the GPS micro-miniature chipset interfacing with the smartphone's GPS application are playing in concert to benefit the phone user from Google's 3D Maps Navigation Service, but the specialized GPS handheld navigators earlier capable of only receiving and recognizing the proprietary topographic maps and bluecharts information, are becoming aware of Google's 3D Maps Navigation Service.

Droid gps finds most reviewed restaurantWhat is missing in the bigger picture. of course, once the mobile user gets the technology platform in hand allowing to go from point A to point B with GPS navigational high precision directional instructions, walking, biking or driving following turn-by-turn voice-activated  guidance, happily and safely arriving to the destination. The next question traveler asks, what is cool around here, where are the best places to spend quality time within budget. The answer is to ask Zagat - the company behind the highly popular guides to restaurants and bars, places of interest and places to shop, anything which is considered by real customers of value in the particular location. 

The new rich content platform provides the first-hand user-generated content coupled with influential and trusted consumer reviews, surveys, recommendations and ratings. The user-generated guides in Zagat content could be aggregated into the  Google services and maps, the 3D topographic maps empowered by high precision GPS navigational information. The online and mobile user experience enriched with Zagat best places to consider as travel destination, where are the best places to eat, have fun, and shop, makes Zagat consumer framework natural value-add. The first-hand user-generated content coupled with influential and trusted consumer reviews come from Zagat platform becoming the new strategic cornerstone of Google's content, most valuable for local communities. 

Google is the content aggregator and Zagat is a reliable user generated, the first hand quality content provider about the best places to eat, travel and shop. Naturally embedding the Zagat content into the Google advanced content aggregation framework is a powerful move. Additionally the well oiled Zagat resource management and content management platforms add more first hand local leverage to end-to-end Google coverage. Dynamic component will be further optimized by creating new ways for audiences of millions of people, the goods and services buyers, allowing to freely express their opinions. The potential consumers will be able to utilize the widely shared opinions and therefore to make informed decisions, planning better trips and having quality time on the road and at the final destination.     

Best food in best location is every traveler dream

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