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Gps Safety news - let rescue team spot your location via satellites in case you are lost

by Russel 2011-05-06 15:59

Spot satellite safety network in the news.

If you are new to mountain  climbing, hiking, hunting, adventure geocaching - look up in the news for "Spot" gps device designed for rescuing people in an emergency situations. You may think that if you have your other GPS device and the set of extra maps like Approach, Colorado, Nuvi, or Dakota GPS handeld' and LakeMaster maps, which also include rivers, streams, channels, islands, inlets, boat ramps and access points, hazards, aquatic vegetation, as well as full statewide road coverage, then everything is just fine and you do not need to bother for yet another GPS gadget in your backpack.

But this one is different kind of device and network altogether, as it transmits your exact location to a suite of almost 50 satellites and further to a worldwide resque team, with headquarters in Texas US. It is different from what regular GPS navigators do - they receive gps stream of data from satellite constellation of two dozen satellites, so they tell you where you are exactly, but no one else knows that. Now, with Spot GPS friend you may be sure, once you press the 911 button - you are taken care of.

May your adventure trip be always safe, even if it is for geocaching fun, and yet with even another technology, which is not so new as Spot, but proven to help you - a two way radio  - you may be better prepared to avoid possibly worsening weather conditions - the NOAA Weather Alert Radio - 24 by 7 automatic alert system for severe weather hazard information.



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