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Gps topographic maps helping French researches to analyze critical earthquake events

by Russel 2011-05-12 13:58


In our news posts we already reported on success analysis of the Continuous GPS or cGPS data, and satellite processing centers generated surveys of the GPS data from before, during, and after the earthquake event. French scientists and geology researchers used gps topographic maps data to relocate the epicenter of the mega-magnitude earthquake that have spread stroking off the coast of Southern Chile. Gps topographic maps and gps positioning pin-point along with barometric altimeter information provided by each local gps device allowed to determine the deformation of the Earth’s surface close to the earthquake rupture.

garmin topo France as one example of gps precise map for earthquake research


Most earthquakes of the large scale can produce crustal deformation that are detectable and even quantifiable by latest gps equipment assisted geodetic measurements. That is how scientists can determine the magnitude of the crust slip fault distribution. 

The distributed Global Positioning System networks functioning for several years on all continents are now help collect vital data which is used by geologists to infer the static deformation and the kinematics of the mega scale thrust earthquakes. 


Earthquake scientist at GPS monitoring station

We have seen an example of gps satellite data application with precision topographic maps and charts involvement in geo-elastic modeling. Much more often after initial success the gps assisted geo-elastic three dimentional modeling helps find solutions to earthquake prediction based on rupture propagation velocity variations and slip concentration analysis not only around the epicenter, but as an estimate of the after slip occurred in lower co-seismic slippage regions as well.

GPS devices spread on the ground surface and on the water provide gps precise earthquake wave tracking pattern data. It is then used to perform characterizing of the reach or penetration of deformation along disturbed crust shallow depths and extending up to the trench. 

 GPS and Seismic Stations model of earthquake


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