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I do not need my GPS navigator to discover safe cycling trail with Google Maps Biking

by Russel 2011-07-28 12:34

Keeping gasoline car pollution as low as possible for me means just one simple other option - have to ride my bike. Being relatively new to the Los Angeles bay area and still discovering places mostly by the word of the mouth talking to folks who live here for a long time, and using the GPS handheld navigator to keep on the right track, i was surprised to discover the Google Maps for bikers. It is as simple as to click on the bike icon on the directions page of the topographic map. But i never tried it before and what a surprise. It shows exactly the biking path which took me quite a while to discover myself by just biking around the area.

Marina Del Rey biking trial at Google maps

Here is the link for Google Maps for bikers: and it works like a charm - yes it does! My brief research revealed that Google maps for bikers in the US offers more than 12K miles of bike trails included in the biking directions and conveniently available via the bike icon selection on the Google maps for cycling enthusiasts.

As a matter of fact Google biker's maps include even more rich imaging and textual bike trail information I could ever expect and, for the Santa Monica bay bike trials it is current and feels like real time. It shows most efficient routes, allowing for WYSIWYG try to adjust it to what you see in reality, so with smart phone or GPS navigator in hand bike riders can customize their trip to include places of interest, like Playa Del Rey Fisherman's Village Bell Bench and Light House.

There is much more to it according to the Google maps site instructions, such that you can make use of upfront planning of the bike lanes, calculating your friendly cycling-safe biking routes that help avoid packed highways, busy intersections or high elevation hills.

Using your iPad, iPhone, Android, other smartphone, netbook or even Rino GPS navigator you can in few minutes customize the look of your preferred cycling trial map. The biking Google maps information seem to be frequently updated. I am checking it since discovered pretty often and every time I check it offers more and more places of interest pinpointed along the chosen bike trail, so the cycling map service from Google (GOOG) offers more precision in choosing your bike trial based on the feedback of cycling communities to make it even better for other bikers. This is really helpful especially for people who just have moved to the other part of the country and trying to find their ways in the new places.

Del rey bay biking trail yacht

The other important piece of information is travel time. From my experience here in the LA bay area the travel time for the chosen biking route at Google maps for cycling enthusiasts proves to be pretty close to reality. Obviously it could be somewhat longer than shown in case you make a stop to enjoy the ocean caliber and small sailing yachts returning to the bay and further down the trail you take a picture of the beautiful sunset in the bay with your smartphone's or your biker friendly nuvi GPS navigator's megapixel camera.

Del rey biking trail Sunset

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