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I do not own SPY or GRMN but i love Garmin GPS Technology Innovation

by Rus Abz 2011-07-14 12:37

bearbull market technology sector(Disclaimer: i do not own NASDAQ:SPY or NASDAQ:GRMN or  NYSE:XLK stocks.)
I just happen to be a happy "inventor" ( :) ) and filed some (funny to some, like "Green Energy Wind Powered Autonomous Vehicle" and such) patents and enjoyed working in the electronics and software architecture industry since 1975. So i have seen a little bit in this realm of human innovation. This year i have had a chance to start tackling the SEO waters and lead an energetic team of tech-writers with News mini articles writings at gps4us News online which is a small but very optimistic, friendly and innovative GPS technology milestone company and i am proud to be one of the gps4us Technology and News Teams.

Well, as many of us "old dog" technologist we have our hobbies which help keep brain circuits working even when we sleep;) you know it if you are at the edge of technology architecture and have to deliver your next "red eye" morning presentation to the new Potential Client, who have spent last week in sleepy meetings with many other presenters, knowing themselves the depth of the technology realm, would it be the No Footprint Security Authentication, or GONASS-GPSS on chip integration or Marine Command Center NMEA standardization - yes, your Potential Client knows it all and expects the next "Bla bla bla head" to entertain tomorrow morning, with no real expectation of hearing anything new. Right? Sounds familiar? Here we go;)
So another sleepless night digging through "What is really New and Cool in GPS market?". Smile it is easy and it is related to GPS technology in part. The answer is right there - "Market". Yes, my friends, today gps4us mini news article is dedicated to the US Stock Market movements, if at all. Lets have a brief look at the first indicator i look at every day ( i do not own it) The SPY. Just for to remind myself SPY stands for SPDR S&P 500 ETF (Public, NYSE:SPY):

SPY chart 20110714 courtesy of

The SPY diagram above is available at an innovative source of market key indicator application and charting. Technically, what can i say about SPY? Very tricky technical that is for sure. The S&P 500 has tripled the average annual return since 1950. Time to maintain tight stop loss alert on SPY IMHO. Moving forward into technology realm lets see what would be good ticker to look at to estimate GPS technology sub-sector. One of the indicators i often check is the Technology SPDR (ETF) (Public, NYSE:XLK). How does it perform in comparison to SPY, lets have a brief look:

XLK Technology Select Sector at

The suite of GPS navigational and similar radio-electonics devices and services manufacturers is lengthy. Just for quick estimate of their tickers technicalities here is the list i often check using free and convenient indicators available at The list is short, but many GPS and electronics equipment, micro-miniature GPS chips and GPS Topo Map services worldwide, (from what i have found many leading GPS technology companies are held private), so far there some stock market tickers to check:

GRMN Garmin Ltd. (6.30B)
TOM2 TomTom NV (756.86M)
COBR Cobra Electronics Corp. (22.69M)

You may want to run your own GPS market research locating tickers of the most famous GPS technology and radio-electronics companies such as Lowrance, Humminbird, Furuno, Raymarine and Midland.  The today's chart of Garmin ticker GRMN not necessarily follows the SPY and XLK patterns, but there are some similarities. This year alone Garmin has released to the GPS market very aggressive list of excellent GPS devices ranging from wristwatch Forerunner 610 to Marine Command Center leading the GPS innovation in the United States and reaching international customers worldwide, enough to look at the geography of our customers via their Testimonials and GPS Product Reviews. What they would tell the stock market technology sector observer? My take is simple if you are in technology keep your stop loss levels alert and check the market movements every day. Happy GPS technology sector charting at         

GRMN chart courtesy of

Last but not least.
Let's think logically... what are the materials the high tech GPS technology uses? Base metals like gold, silver, aluminum, copper, the wafers, electricity, chemicals - you name it. So it may be worth looking at gold, silver and copper charts too, and not to forget the dollar chart as it is closely related to gold (GLD) and silver (SLV) IMHO. What are value add GPS quality services? Google Inc. (GOOG), (remember that Google Maps are fully GPS enabled and involved in many GPS navigational topo maps or topographic maps services), shows stronger than forecasted 2Q results. Watch your safety stop indicators and happy market watching!

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