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If your nuvi 2460LMT was stolen get police report to keep your Lifetime Map Update for your new nuvi 2460LT

by Rus Abz 2011-07-20 11:52


Garmin nuvi 2460LMT with Lifetime Map Updates featureLife brings challenges but there are positive solutions to help recover from losses which happen, at least in part, with some research of the situation. We have got a call from one of our Valued Customers who have purchased the GARMIN nuvi 2460LMT and it was stolen. He managed to get a police report on this accident. The nuvi 2460LMT comes with lifetime map updates, and to ease the disappointment from the loss, the lifetime map updates, as manufacturer's map service could not be stolen. In case of such an unfortunate accident, there is a possibility to recover what is left untouched. With permission from the nuvi 2460LMT GPS device manufacturer the Lifetime map updates feature can be transferred to the newly purchased, similar GPS device from the same manufacturer.

We carry hundreds of GPS navigational devices in stock, and it is difficult to keep all their information in memory. So, to dive deeper to find the way to save for the Customer, while on the phone and communicating, we opened two browser windows, one for Garmin nuvi 2460LT and another for nuvi 2460LMT. Put both GPS navigator's "Description" tabs expanded and side by side, so it is convenient to compare the lengthy description of both GPS devices line by line. The comparison exercise revealed one major difference: the less expensive nuvi 2460LT does not include the Lifetime Map Updates. There is some confusion as in the nuvi 260LT "Features" it is said: "Receive Free Lifetime Traffic Updates. Steer clear of traffic with the integrated FM traffic receiver and free lifetime traffic updates. Receive alerts about traffic delays and road construction that lie ahead on your route. Next, simply touch the screen on nüvi to view traffic details or detour around the problem area." However, further research of the description and double checking the "Specs" under the "Maps & Memory" information there is a clarifying statement: "Includes lifetime map updates: no".

Garmin Lifetime Updater for automatic fresh maps download

Our Valued Customer was calling to clarify this particular piece of lifetime map updates information. To stay on the safe side my advise to the customer was to follow the nuvi 2460LT "Specifications" the "Maps & Memory" sub-section statement, where it says "no" for "Includes lifetime map updates". On the other hand, in this particular case, as soon as the accident police report for stolen nuvi 2460LMT has been obtained, there is a possibility to confirm the transfer of Lifetime Map Updates with the manufacturer, as the GPS device was stolen, and, once confirmed, go ahead and purchase the less expensive nuvi 2460LT, as replacement for more expensive nuvi 2460LMT. This way the Customer can save money, and still have the Lifetime Map Updates feature available, via the transfer, for the new GPS device. Thanks to Garmin (GRMN) Lifetime Map Updater it is the most convenient way to ensure your GPS device has the most current maps which are available for automatic download.





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