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Improving Gps4us news compliancy with Google requirements using SEO methodology best practice

by Rus Abz 2011-06-06 14:30

GARMIN GPSMAP 7215 chartplotterWe are working constantly on our News site to ease finding information about new latest and greatest developments in GPS world, like  GpsMap 6000 7000 marine chartplotter for your power boat or sailing yacht command center, or personal wrist watch trainer and heart rate monitor Forerunner 610 from Garmin (GRMN), or just old good buddy loved by all hunters the Astro  220 DC40 , or newer Astro 320 which helps find your hunting dog lost in the heavy covered  bushes. On our way to better serve our customers we are applying best practice methodology of  the SEO (search engine optimization) and finding help at Google News and other open and friendly sources of best practices. This way or other we all rely on world wide web and its better lighter area is still free once you have good will relationship on the Internet with gps webmaster and web engineers. One nice example of helpful information is is the "Blogengine Wall" which allowed us make our GPS news section closer to SEO compliancy especially when we needed help in improvement of publishing the organic SEO in the GPS hottest news. Blog communities and gps forum alliances are getting bigger and wider. The Blogengine Wall provided tips and answers in addition to the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide available from Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). The Googlebot for news is not the same as the original crawler. So it has a different look on the crawling content. It is picky and extremely sensitive for the page source to be completely compliant with the Google News requirements.

However, the Googlebot-News crawling engine indexes the Internet instantly round the clock day or night non-stop. Once we started to expand the GPS devices customer base internationally we began to explore various new points on search engine optimization, known as SEO, to understand why the Cape Wrangell "Cobe Wrangell" or "Wind Vane", but not the "Garmin gpsmap 421s" or "marine gps transducer" are sitting on top of our search requests, even thou we have not been making special tunes for these top queries.

So we turned to SEO documentation available at Google Analytics web site and dived into the SEO tuneup requirements. Obviously to create unique and accurate page titles like  Garmin GPS new line of marine course compass units (the CCU-s), when you do have myriad of web pages took time and effort to inspect and fix. We made use of the "description" meta tag as we are in the GPS navigation devices business. Next we start improving our site structure, including improvement of the structure of our GPS fitness and sports wristwatch wearable devices description URL-s. Then we strive to make our pages arrays easier to navigate, optimizing the content of every page. We checked we are compliant by offering a quality GPS devices content and matching GPS on the water marine navigators GPS services, like update of the BlueCharts and 

Garmin Discoverer topographic map Topographic maps, as they were listed often as just Topo Maps.

It took a lot of checks and balances while writing a better anchor text for GPS nautical related items. The winning SEO tactics was also optimization our use of GPS line of products images. We tried to improve the use heading tags appropriately to ease dealing with Google-bot and Google-bot-News and other crawlers. Finally we reviewed and strive to use effectively best practices for our gps4us robots file. We are working on improvement of our services to our valued GPS customers in the United States and internationally.

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