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Innovative marine command center update solution delivers most current nautical charts

by Rus Abz 2011-12-13 12:54


Marine Command CenterModern GPS navigation systems for boaters incorporate safer chartplotters that utilize electronic versions of navigation charts, the BlueCharts, and provide a wealth of navigation critical data for the marine enthusiast during open waters voyage. At the same time the vessel crew and passengers should not solely depend on a single GPS navigation unit for position information. In very rare cases some older models of GPS chartplotters could incorrectly or incompletely draw areas of marine charts in a way that makes land or shallow water areas appear to be navigable water. The newer GPS chartplotters are using electronic nautical compass such as course compass units with embedded GPS integration, and real time software which checks for the latest and greatest versions of the chartplotter's firmware, software and topographic maps and performs the automatic update of the critical information immediately as it becomes available. The latest GPS systems support safety-of-life applications for mariners, effectively acquire civilian safety-of-life signals and provide improved availability and accuracy.  

Nautical ChartMarine Command Center innovative solutions from major technology leaders help novice and veteran boat owners make a weighted decision to select an optimized Marine Command Center configuration for existing and new types of vessels. The major backbone of the modern Marine Networking Command Center is built based on the NMEA network and the Multifunction Display chartplotters and sounders, also referred to as Marine multi function displays. Choosing the right configuration for the particular vessel requires thorough thought and research even for smaller sail yacht or power boat onboard navigation systems. The role of the extended automatic firmware and software update notification system becomes critical with increasing complexity of the marine onboard control and navigation center solutions. For high-tech navigational device which combines multiple satellite data streams with extended database of detailed topographic maps it is important to select the most efficient layout of the rendering and user interfaces to most accurately and conveniently present real time critical voyage information to the captain. The automatic update system runs on the background without disturbing the rendering and user interface fully dedicated to most important navigation and control functions of the system. Modern marine command center configuration includes a complex array of sensors, networking and end user devices. It is crucial to stay current on hardware, software and map updates as they become available for download. For vessel Captain the issue of Marine Cartography availability and integration with outputs of the vessel onboard sensor information is extremely critical. From this standpoint the multi functional displays should be standardized and NMEA 2000 certified to connect with existing and future sensor arrays and marine on-board instrumentation and chart-plotting extensions exchanging real time navigational information over the boat network. 

Marine nautical compassTuning the supporting applications of the chartplotters, navigation instruments and GPS devices connected to the network to automatically acquire publishing updates for all major the areas of coverage is the key to keep the marine command center fully functioning with the highest precision of the rendered information. The schedule o the updates should preferably be synchronized with the provider schedule as updates occur. Fortunately most providers keep the schedule stable and they are committed to and having a proven record of sending out regular updates of BlueChart g2 Vision maps and nautical charts on semi annual basis. This includes changes in the form of new data of International Association of Lighthouse Authorities, the "IALA" and Notice to Mariners, the "NTM", for the continuous high precision chart-plotting. Chartplotters can also receive an update via embedded card reader, compare versions of the nautical charts, recognize and embed the newly updated charts and navigational data. The update schedule control software ensures timely updates are delivered to the chartplotter centerpiece of the vessel network. It also checks the status of the updates for the connected marine autopilots, nautical compass with integrated GPS  course compass units, wind sensors, remote sonar sounders and marine radar components exchanging data streams with vessel onboard command center. The system also checks that all components are communicating properly with each other and  with diversity of sensors installed on the power train, fuel and water tanks and energy generators of sail yacht or power boat.



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