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Intuitive touchscreen user interface let you control your boat as easy as your smartphone

by Russel 2011-11-17 13:14


Multi Touch interface for your boatThe innovative methods to help operate the most comprehensive range of navigational, sonar, radar and Bluechart mapping equipment for marine recreational boats and light commercial marine vessels are required as the network of integrated marine vessel on-board high performance complex electronics components becomes more and more crowded. As major marine electronics manufacturers have adopted the universal NMEA standard the wide variety of diverse marine chartplotters, multi function displays, ocean course compass units, transducers, radars, GPS navigators and sensors are capable to interconnect via the NMEA standardized backbone. To operate and control such a complex navigation, vital data gathering and distribution nervous system of the modern boat the captain needs simple, friendly and convenient user interface. 

2011 Award Winner Chartplotter Multi functional displays has been identified as most suitable candidates to introduce the new hybrid touch screen user interface technology. Extending the traditional keypad control capabilities the hybrid touch allows access to and control of the marine onboard electronic devices all sharing the universal NMEA standard networking backbone. One of the most advanced multi functional displays on the marine market, the Raymarine’s e7, which received the 2011 innovation award at International Boat Builders Exhibition, is just one example of the latest user interface touchscreen, the Hybrid Touch technology. The navigation solution is compact and includes built-in WI-FI connectivity to a marine multifunction device. The touch screen user interface intuitive operation makes it remarkably easy to use this chartplotter as a full featured control center. 

Marine vessel captain has freedom to be anywhere on the boat using handheld or wheel-mounted remote control units. The remote controls automatically connect with the multi functional display unit via Bluetooth interface allowing to control and even reconfigure the functionality of the command center from anywhere on the boat. The intuitive touchscreen user interface lets captain to customize the multi functional display layout and rendering of most important output information according to most convenient personal practices of the boater. The customization is easily performed by dragging and dropping on-screen controls and elements where the captain wants them. Integrating together GPS navigation, efficient boat electronics control user interface and management of key functionality through wireless networking technologies brings anywhere access to marine information. NMEA standard backbone allows use of the certified adapters to connect virtually any marine device through the compatible adapter. The combination of direct NMEA connectivity and use of plug and play adapters is a way to build a complete suite of marine electronics that network together diversity of radars, autopilots, thermal night vision systems, GPS navigators, electronic compass instruments, fishfinders and chartplotters into seamlessly integrated onboard system. 

Touch screen chartplottersThe family of large touch screen chartplotters with video-quality resolution on an impressive 15+ inch displays which easily connect to the onboard NMEA backbone are available form other marine GPS manufacturers, like Garmin. The GPSMAP 7215 multi functional display uses advanced touchscreen user interface and comes preloaded with BlueChart high resolution maps of the U.S. Coast. The BlueChart vision technology features a true three dimensional Mariner's Eye and underwater Fish Eye perspective views, with an extended Auto Guidance capability to suggest the best passages for your vessel, and realistic picture of aerial photo-reference with marine points-of-interest GPS precision location data.  Additionally the NMEA based ocean marine system allows easy connectivity of popular personal communicators and personal mobile assistance i-gadgets such as iPad and iPhone. The Bluetooth remote control units has an option to control the audio playback stream from currently connected i-gadget. With new interfacing technology captain and crew members can access charts, sonar, radar and thermal night vision information effortlessly integrated into the helms of modern boat designs from anywhere on board.

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