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InvisiTrack vs. GPS

by atina 2010-03-31 10:31


InvisiTrack unveiled a new location system (LS) that the company claims will surpass GPS handhedls while used indoors and outside. LS will be sold to manufactures and will be available to Smartphone providers.


Invisitrack claims LS to be so accurate within less than 3 meters indoors and 1 meter outdoors without using or relying on an infrastructure. What makes this seemingly impossible feature possible? Instead of using a fixed matrix InvisiTrack devices can work by proximity with one another and form a mesh network. By tracking one device with another the user can get a pinpoint fix than just relying on GPS coverage, says the company.  Another interesting feature – the LS can position the user in 3D including altitude or even state which floor the user might be on.


That’s because the technology that frames the LS matrix is not on the same frequencies as GPS, nor does it depend on WiFi Towers. Instead InvisiTrack uses the 512 and 698 MHz bands of television spectrum the FCC opened early 2008.  Additional frequency bands would require a second radio, at least before a chip can fuse the technology.


But GPS technology isn’t on its way to complete oblivion. In fact for LS to work properly it still needs some GPS technology, which acts as an "assistance server" to try and interpolate where a user might be from a fragmented GPS signal. The longer wavelengths, versus a 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi signal, will allow the beams to penetrate indoors at greater distances, allowing inside as well as external orientation, the company said.


"With InvisiTrack Location System, not only have we created 'The Last Mile of GPS', but we've also opened the door to an entirely new genre of location-based services that will bring new utility to consumers and will tap new revenue streams for first market-mover companies making effective use of the technology."


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