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Location awareness platform uses advanced computing model to aid GPS navigation

by Rusti 2011-11-03 12:52

Location Awareness Statistics ProcessorLocation awareness GPS reckoning knowledge platform promises a much improved user experience for a range of personal communicators, mobile assistant applications and also enhance the marine and automotive navigation experience. Knowledge platform relies on the robust multi-GNSS capable navigational sub-system collects real time data from multiple GPS satellite constellation positioning systems, such as the European Union Galileo, Russia Glonass-K, QZSS and Compass constellations. Multi-GNSS navigator comprised of high sensitivity quad helix antenna and GPS receiver is used as one aspect of many information providers of the location awareness reckoning architecture. It takes other perimeter positioning information from Wi-Fi and cellular radio transmitting towers available within the close proximity, and internally, from multiple micro miniature onboard sensor arrays, including accelerometers, gyros and compasses. 

Location Awareness SystemEnriched multi-channel positioning, three dimensional topographic, visual and navigational data stream requires new kind of processing devices, such as the probability-based processor. In place of traditional binary logic the novel accelerated computer chip could perform calculations using probabilities, manipulating multi dimensional signals that represent chances to implement efficient statistical calculations. The 0 and 1 digital logic gates are substituted by multi dimensional building blocks, the Bayesian digital NAND Gates. To represent the odds that the two input probabilities match, the Bayesian digital NAND gates perform all possible digital logic operations for statistical Bayesian probability math functions supported by the probability-based processor. 

The statistical navigational data is combined with positioning information available in the cloud to make the results more accurate and understandable in relation with  mobile user's context, indoors and outdoors. Cloud sources include ephemeris data, topographical mapping, weather services, base stations and Wi-Fi access point databases. Location awareness platform is a self-learning, social sourcing aware distributed knowledge system which amalgamates dispersed radio and GPS signals, sensor inputs and data sources in real time. With or without GPS satellite constellation visibility, would it be GPSS, Galileo, QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System) or Glonass, the location aware GPS mobile, marine or automotive navigators supporting awareness reckoning feature can switch between cloud provided or local onboard computed navigation modes seamlessly. Integration of GPS coordinate data with visual sensoric information within the dead reckoning statistical computation model is capable of navigating even in tunnels or urban canyons, effectively tracking location, speed and altitude in real-time. 

High availability of the location awareness platform and reliability of the global positioning three dimensional coordinates it compiles open additional possibilities for searching the live location services networks to access thousands of points of interest. There's no need to input or speak the address of your current location, no matter where in the world you are to discover closest restaurant, bank, ATM, airport, gas station, supermarket, hospital or any another point of interest location and service you currently need.

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11/3/2011 3:18:58 PM #

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