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NASA Mars Exploration Rover reaches the Red Planet's Spirit Point mark

by Rus Abz 2011-08-10 16:43

Mars NASA Rover Exploration - Wikipedia

The Mars Exploration Rover created by NASA celebrates its three year reliable service on Martian surface. The NASA Red Planet semi-robotic vehicle is alive and continues to explore Mars new locations. The Mars Spirit Point at the edge of the crater rim is one of the latest discoveries of the rover. Originally the Mars Rovers expected to serve three month missions, but, in fact they work much longer. The Opportunity's twin NASA rover has served till March 2010 and the name Spirit Point marks twin rover's last communication point. 

The next NASA rover had to work hard to climb out of the Mars Victoria crater first. Then the rover travels more than a dozen challenging miles to reach its new destination the Spirit Point. At this remarkable destination the Mars NASA rover's sensor arrays are focused on studying the soil probes and  crater edge rocks never known to Mars' exploration scientists. The new information collected and new findings are enriching the knowledge necessary to prepare for the Mars Science Laboratory

The upcoming Mars Science Laboratory, in turn, will milestone the key role to make possible the human missions to Mars in the next future step of the Red Planet exploration. Mars rocks may have unknown patterns which may support microbial life, that is the hope which the Mars Exploration Rover is working hard to collect information for. 

Mars explorer NASA rovers and future human astronauts, the Mars-Khod-s and Mars Cosmonauts, would need a way to know where they are exactly located. A GPS satellite navigation system around the planet Mars is an important piece of the research puzzle required to develop the exploration infrastructure, GPS satellites included, for an anticipated fleet of Mars Science rover and human missions to Mars in upcoming decades.

Mars GPS navigational satellites research


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