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NASA Space Shuttle engineering talent helps invent new Treycycle car-bike

by Rusti 2011-09-22 11:24


Treycycle rocket car bike vehicleThe recent cancellation of the U.S. Space Shuttle program freed up NASA engineering talent and job market responded instantly. The NASA innovation resources have been quickly acquired by the new company, the Treycycle Gold start-up bike and auto entrepreneur venture, supported by the Emerging Growth Institute, a nonprofit organization helping new and emerging technology companies. Target of a new design is a sophisticated molybdenum alloy frame for a three-wheeled vehicle. There was a niche at the very edge of the automotive and motor bike industries which was exposed, and now is filled by the new approach to the unusual design of an outstanding three-wheeled vehicle called the "TreyCycle". 

The Treycycle is, in fact, a smart symbiosis of the best of breed fast racing car and the futuristic bike, the fully balanced solution of maximum performance unusual sporty vehicle which has been NASA-engineered for racing but still is legal to ride on the streets, making it an excellent candidate for mass production. Most remarkably it is currently being built in the shadow of Launch Pad 39A the former home of Space Shuttle Atlantis. Imagine driving on the street a Chrysler powered 260 horse-power rocket which jumps from stand-still to 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds. Thanks to the lower to the ground profile of the new molybdenum alloy frame the Treycycle is also benefits from the longer wheelbase which makes the vehicle stable, much safer and reliable than the previously known three wheeler designs. The thorough road tests of the new three-wheeled vehicle has proven it is almost impossible to flip over the Treycycle car-bike on its side. 

The new vehicle designed by NASA veterans inherits the best practices of aerospace engineering both in mechanical (light and strong molybdenum alloy frame), electrical circuitry and electronics control system design. NASA engineering talent and experience provides full range of safety controls including extended sensor arrays, onboard computerized vehicle command and GPS satellite navigational center utilizing the latest achievements in GPS navigation and real time topo mapping technology to provide increased safety and driving convenience for the rocket inspired Treycycle.   

NASA space shuttle Atlantis




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