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New Garmin GPS DC 40 dog tracking collar sells slower than "Oldie But Goodie" DC 30 tracker collar

by Rusti 2011-06-24 11:15


GARMIN DC 30 GPS Dog Tracking CollarWe have noticed the new wave of requests for Garmin DC 30 dog tracker collars. Hunters and dog trainers as well as those of us who do not hunt but want to make sure our loved ones are not lost in the heavy bushes or ran too far from us and get lost - our customers are calling from France, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany  and Russia - all around the Globe, more frequently asking if we have the Garmin DC 30 dog collar in stock and if they can order as many of them as soon as possible. We are multitasking here at gps4us, and from time to time i am putting on my customer support cap to help folks in warehousing and customer relationships department to give an extra hand when the stream of customer order requests is peaking up, as it is today. Busy day! Surprisingly many calls were from GPS enthusiasts, hunters and dog trainers who wanted DC 30 and not DC 40 dog tracking collars, in bunches and as soon as possible. I would escalate the order to the purchasing specialist but before transferring the call would ask "Why you are asking for more than one DC 30 which has been discontinued by Garmin, if we have plenty of DC 40-ties in stock and they are newer and cooler technology, according to their description and technical specification?".GARMIN DC 40 GPS Dog Tracking Collar

An average, summarized gps4us Valued Customer answer is: "Yes i know, and i already have had several DC 40-ties with my dogs, and the technical specifications looked cool, but in the field they are not as good as DC 30-ties. So i sold all my DC 40-ties and now trying to buy as many DC 30-ties as i can knowing they are discontinued, so i will have some extra until Garmin will make their DC 40 as good as DC 30". I would ask what is the main disadvantage of the newer dog tracker collar? Is it the battery life or what? Most people answered that the battery in the DC 30 and DC 40 is the same, and they are aware of DC 40 ability to select the setting for the dog collar transmitter to transmit not so often, but still for some unknown to them reason the DC 30 has a "better radio transmitter range" or "coverage range" and the battery lasts longer between re-charges. Some would say the antenna in the DC 40 dog collar is located "on the bottom" (in customer's own words) and that is, in her opinion, the reason for shorter transmitter range in DC 40 vs DC 30 collar. This way or other we are selling DC 30-ties as hot cakes and DC 40 sales are going much slower. Out of curiosity i talked to our warehousing and order delivery folks and , at average, according to their observations, last month we sold twice more DC 30-ties than DC 40 dog collars and this statistics seem to be inclining towards selling more DC 30 dog collars as of this week of June.  

I was also surprised to learn that many GPS enthusiasts in France use DC 30 and DC 40 dog tracker collars to "keep an eye" on their pigs who have now more freedom to search for truffles and their owners are feeling safer for their animals, knowing exactly where their pigs are;)  Well, long live the "oldie but goodie" DC 30 given increasing interest of hunters and dog trainers worldwide.

GARMIN Forerunner 201We are learning to work closely with our customer's feedback to improve the quality of services, and we have an excellent example  to follow, in front of us. Please see our recent article touching sports and fitness GPS wristwatch  tri-athlete input towards engineering and design of the next-generation GPS wristwatch member of the  Forerunner personal trainer. family.

Another interesting fact to discover while talking to our customers, is that GPS enthusiasts use the Astro dog tracking collars to research migration of the giraffe families, not only little ones giraffe babies, but giraffe dad and Mon (according to the GPS customer, the wild nature researcher, it may be useful to make the DC 30 neck strap belt longer, or "bigger size".  The customer asked if we have the alternative of providing the extension to the base model, in the GPS accessories, to make sure not only the good friend hunting dog but a bigger animal, like a cow. I also learned there are cases in UK, England that the customer shared,as he knows some of his colleagues are using DC 30 and DC 40 tracker collars with cows on the milk farms, so a bigger animal could have its DC 30 or DC 40 easily attached around the neck, keeping an reliable GPS and collar radio transmitter connectivity with the Astro 220 or Astro 320 owner's GPS handheld navigator at all times.)  

 You may want to click on our Customer's Testimonials link on the lower left area of the website to read what our customers say (and see what they are buying.) Also we have touched the topic of GPS dog tracker collars and Astro GPS tracking system in our Dog tracker Astro 320 system and the New baby hunting dog articles. 


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