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New Midland NOAA Weather Alert Radio knows West or SouthWest are the Directions that most Storms come from

by Rus Abz 2011-07-01 14:14


We are proud to carry the best of the Midland Radio Corporation 2-way Radios, and every day our Valued Customers are leaving their reviews on testimonials page, many relying in their hunting, fishing, geocaching, sports and fitness and other outdoor GPS adventurer's trips, on their Midland two-way radios. These devices allow for Severe Weather Instant Notification which saves people's lives and are highly popular in GPS enthusiast outdoor activities communities, like fast growing GPS geocaching enthusiasts.

Midland 2-way GXT1050VP4 weather hazard portable radio set of two

In over half a century of  research, engineering and technology advance in radio receiver-transmitter realms Midland two-way radios, in particular, became popular for unique combination of safety and reliability. One example of safety aware design is Automatic alert for severe Weather and Hazard information with round the clock NOAA Weather Alert capability, the MIDLAND GXT1050VP4 2 Way Radio. As other members of two way Midland radio family it features a crisp clear communication quality, water resistance, longest possible range of connectivity as Midland 2-way radios are capable of using the maximum allowed by Law radio transmit power levels, and other qualities fully described at each web page of our online store Midland line of products. Midland, one of the world’s leading designers of advances radio devices, always has been at the forefront of radio technology for consumer and commercial communication systems and represented internationally with offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Recently Midland released new lines of hunter, fishermen and GPS enthusiast oriented products, such as Severe Weather Instant Notification solutions, represented by the famous 2-way radios and also the line of family radios, the NOAA All Hazards Weather Alert radios, including  Midland's WR120 Weather Safety Radio. The WR120 is designed to be easily pre-programmed to increase safety and efficiency in everyday use. You can select which county you would like to program your Midland safety radio with, as well as select English, French or Spanish as display languages. This unique weather alert and safety radio helps keep your Family aware of storms and other hazardous weather alert conditions, for your loved ones to be always in safety during severe weather season. 

Another great line of Midland new design is the XTC 350 wearable lightweight high definition (HD) sports video camera targeting Hunting and Shooting audiences. This camera is perfect for hunters and fishermen, as well as hunting Dog Trainers and GPS Dog Tracker System (like Astro 220 and Astro 320) users and adventurers, or just to make a memory video of your loved pet running free and happy when you go outdoors together, and your hands are free too. GPS aware users will be glad to discover the unique features of the Midland hunting and shooting aware XTC 350 video camera. This rugged, high quality video and low weight HD-1080p action camera designed for a hunter, fishermen, kayaker, cyclist, dog trainer, GPS enthusiast on her geocaching mountain climbing or deep forest research GPS-beacon treasure hunt and many more uses. The XTC 350 captures everything your eyes are looking at, even if you have forgotten your new and cool camouflage camera is attached to your hunting hat, your aircraft or motorcycle helmet.





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