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New Smartphone conceptual design builds upon advances in voice recognition and synthesis technology

by gps4us news 2011-09-27 12:52


Apple voice recognitionGrowing global demand for more reliable and feature rich personal communicators, the smartphones and tablets leads technology innovators to introduce the new generation of rugged, water-resistant, dust-proof and anti-shock mobile phones. They are starting a whole new paradigm of handheld hardware and software architecture which includes GPS navigator, torch illumination, electronic compass, G-sensor accelerometer and  motion sensor. The new networking capabilities let easy access to Facebook and Twitter. New personal communicator voice recognition system allows talking to your smartphone to set up an alarm or reminder, requesting GPS directions using voice alone, and sending text messages. The basic user interface interactivity is extended towards an artificially intelligent assistant which ensures hands free, or fingers free operation such that it renders the keyboard practically redundant. 

Apple voice recognition concept patentFor example the new personal assistant Google promised in Android platform has a whole new application level capability to interface with so called "WolframAlpha", the Stephen Wolfram's "fact computer" that can intelligently understand data-specific questions and return meaningful spoken in clear voice suggestions. The new features are most important to help visually impaired and blind people. They could, apparently, ask the new GPS enabled assistant, where they are precisely located at that moment and how to reach to the destination. The device requests GPS satellite constellation in orbit to provide exact longitude, latitude and elevation which are interpreted by the computational system and rendered instantaneously as synthesized voice describing position on the virtual 3D topographic map, with connection to the surroundings and turn by turn directions to the destination. 

Apple voice activated personal assistant In U.S. Market, new smartphone buyers are increasingly embracing the Android platform. According to Nielsen August Survey Android powered 56 percent of smartphones sold this Summer. Apple is leading the new conceptual thinking for the new personal assistant. Other technology savvy companies, previously separated in their particular market niches, are aggressively getting in surprising partnerships to embark on the new personal communicator technology challenge. Like Huawei Technologies, the world's number two network equipment maker, and Discovery Communications, whose cable networks include Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet, have just stepped into an agreement to co-brand and develop a new type of GPS enabled voice activated waterproof smartphone with wide palette of smart personal communicator features specifically targeting an outdoor adventurer and on the road enthusiast market. 

On the other hand, traditionally strong GPS device manufacturers and extended GPS enabled services providers like Garmin (GRMN) are actively  transitioning the best of navigational capabilities of their StreetPilot family of GPS dedicated devices, into the new features of iPhone compatible StreetPilot GPS application, easily downloadable from iTunes store. The HTC and Microsoft signed a deal allowing HTC to keep developing new voice recognition features for their popular flavor of Android phone. Google recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility, a dedicated Android partner, enabled Google to supercharge the Android platform ecosystem. Google (GOOG) is adding new capabilities to its 3D Mobile Maps GPS navigator friendly applications towards integration with smart speech recognition for highly competitive new generation of personal communicator. Android platform not only adopted by LG, but supported by partnership with Samsung known for strong long term robotics innovation and scientific research history sharp in the field of distinct speech recognition, and moving quickly towards introducing 4G-Network friendly personal assistant for mobile outdoor adventurer and on the road enthusiast.   

Apple App Store offers StreetPilot onDemand iPhone application


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