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New developments in the National Geospatial Program to widen range of GPS topographic map services

by gps4us news 2011-08-09 12:59


With more GPS users ranging from the corporate and government agencies specialists to GPS enthusiasts, the geocaching adventurers, people taking outside trips enjoying sports and fitness activities with GPS device in hand or on the bike, the GPS enabled information services describing the landscape of the United States geography and territories is in demand. Answering new and wider audience the The National Map and the National Geospatial Program is working on developing a complete suite of cartographic products and services that provide downloadable and real time access to geospatial base information. The geospatial information realm includes a collection of data arrays that describe the  topography, natural landscape, and environment which can be used in geographic information systems such as GPS navigational products and projects, the Marine GPS enabled BlueCharts, and other GPS topographic map, or topo map geospatial services. Most of these are easily available for free public use. Good example of the topography service is the Google Maps, the GPS navigation enabled worldwide service.

For example the National Map in part, becomes the source of fundamental mapping information for core and derived cartographic products, including United States Topo Maps and ego-referenced images of the historic topographic maps in scanned digital form.

The National Map architecture is stretched across the base of eight layers which accumulate, integrate and distinguish primarily  the  medium-scale  geospatial data from a variety of sources. The eight layered architecture provides seamless access to the resulting coverages of geospatial data. The GPS enabled navigational products and services will benefit from having the downloadable and real time access to the required layers of the National Map or the United States (Please see Figure 1. Eight base layers of the United States National Map.)

 The National Geospatial Program is multi-facet and includes the The National Map and the National Atlas of the United States programs. The country wide geospatial programs are supported by structured hierarchy of Partnership Activities, the  Geospatial Technical Operations, the Emergency Operations, the Geospatial Information Science Research and the Board on Geographic Names Secretariat. 





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