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New generation of humanoid robots use smart effectors to share tools and instruments with human co-workers

by Rusti 2011-11-10 14:44

Humanoid Robots Next Age - International Robot Exhibition TokyoHumanoid robotic platforms are intended to safely and effectively co-exist with humans in actual work environments. They can use same tools and instruments as humans do. The humanoids should be also able to use communication devices which are used by humans. Highly efficient and optimized for human and mobile user electronic devices such as GPS navigation receiver with highly efficient quad helix antenna are good candidates to challenge and boost the innovative ideas in the humanoid robotic platform world.

The latest humanoid robotic research platforms that can use multiple end effectors, which simulate the capabilities of human hand. They also use the voice activated human-to-machine interface to ensure efficient team work with human colleagues. 

The location aware robotic platform designer faces several problems when incorporating an efficient GPS navigation receivers and antennas. In mass production the robotic platform friendly GPS quad helix antenna should not add too much to the cost. Secondly, the GPS antenna has to be broadly omnidirectional, since there is no predefined knowledge of “up” or "down" on a humanoid robotic mobile platform. From the GPS receiver point of view, the  antenna better be mounted as far from the other communications devices and components and transmitting antennas as possible. The efficiency of the GPS antenna is much better when it is removed from other transmitting services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and FM. The GPS antenna needs to "see" the clear sky and not be obscured by any other objects of the robotic platform design either.

Humanoid Robots Next Age designed for human devicesTo eliminate the whole class of problems which developers face the designers of humanoid robotic platforms are extending the ability of the robot to efficiently manipulate and use same tools and instruments as human operators do, to come up with the novel approach of humanoid robot to be able to use the existing mobile user personal communication and navigational devices. Especially the jack-of-all-trade devices similar to Rino 655t which combine the human voice interfaced high-efficiency FRS GMRS radio, glove-friendly color touchscreen, rich library of the preloaded topographic maps, barometric altimeter, three-axis electronic compass, the  weather radio and high resolution multi-megapixel camera. Ideally the humanoid robotic platforms could engage one of its multiple end effectors, which is tuned for and capable to hold not only the craftsman tool or instrument, but also GPS navigator. By activating the wireless data transfer interface the robot can reuse the high precision real time GPS positioning information. The smart effector with embedded machine-to-human communication interface fully simulating the capturing and holding capabilities of human mobile operator's hand is ready for next step of innovation to directly communicate with GPS navigation and other devices designed for mobile users.



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11/11/2011 8:17:07 AM #

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