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New high speed train requires safer GPS enabled railroad control system

by Rusti 2011-12-27 11:31



China completes its new high speed 500 kilometers per hour test train designed to resemble shape of an ancient Chinese sword. The train, whose sleek design was inspired by an ancient Chinese mythology, was built using plastic reinforced with carbon fibre and magnesium alloy to reduce weight and increase speed to get close to the train world record, which belongs to France at 574.8 kilometers per hour. There was no indication in the China Daily newspaper report of when the six-car train would be put into commercial use. The new experimental train was unveiled in the eastern province of Shandong at the weekend by state-owned train maker CSR Corp. The Chinese train is the latest model in the nation's super high-speed rail vehicle series and has a maximum tractive power of 22,800 kilowatts. The new train needed new railroad capable to provide safety and performance for the new train. 

New safety requirements for  high-speed rail systems throughout the world employ Global Positioning System to track the movement of locomotives, rail cars, maintenance vehicles, and wayside equipment in real time. Information received from the GPS constellation satellites is combined with other railroad and onboard car sensors, computers, topographic maps rendering and communications systems. GPS navigation technology improves rail safety, security, and operational effectiveness. The technology helps reduce accidents, delays, and operating costs, while increasing track capacity, customer satisfaction, and cost effectiveness.

GPS enabled Safety System for railroadModern railways are adopting the latest GPS navigation enabled technology called the Positive Train Control system which is designed to prevent collisions, derailments, work zone incursions, and passage through switches in the wrong position. Using higly informative GPS enabled multi-functional display equipment The Positive Train Control system is the combination of real-time location information with sophisticated command and control systems to monitor and control train movements. The multi-GNSS capabilities of GPS navigation processing circuitry could efficiently track and separate the international GPS constellation satellite signals into the GPS, Galileo, QZSS Quasi-Zenith Satellite System and Glonass outputs, the advanced multi-GNSS systems also provide with Compass-Beidou GPS constellation discovery. 

GPS gives dispatchers and passengers more accurate information on train arrivals based on high precision information received from  GPS constellation satellites. It enables the automation of track surveying and multi dimensional topographic maps rendering operations. GPS navigation system also allows the automation of track inspection systems that work much faster and detect more defects than human crews, saving time and money while improving safety.

A railway linking Guangzhou and Shenzen also opened Monday that can accommodate bullet trains at up to 300 kilometers per hour. China is moving ahead with its rail ambitions despite the collision in July between two high-speed trains caused by signaling problems of the traffic management control system and, as some reports suggested, with the railroad infrastructure. The results of an official investigation of the crash have not yet been released. China's bullet trains routinely traveled at around 300 kilometers per hour, but the government reduced speeds after the July accident, which involved trains made by CSR. 

China high speed railroadIn less than a decade China has built one of the world's largest high-speed rail systems, but a collision between two high-speed trains in July that killed at least 40 people led it to suspend new projects. China plans to cut spending on its railways next year, most recently a new high-speed railway linking the capital of the southern province of Guangdong, Guangzhou, to Shenzhen city on the border with Hong Kong went into service on Mondaym as the official Xinhua news agency says. China plans to extend the route to Hong Kong by 2015 as part of the planned Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed line according to the report. The new test train is part of China's trillion dollar effort effort to build more than 8,000 miles of high-speed rail network by 2012, and about 12,500 miles by 2020.



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