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New small factor nuclear reactor can help provide safe power during earthquake or hurricane emergency

by Rus Abz 2011-08-29 14:07


Space nuclear reactor designed for Mars and Moon

Last days of August the biggest quake struck near the small Virginia town of Mineral the most significant earthquake in the region in more than a century. The waves spread outward shaking the ground in East Coast several neighbor states. Among strategic facilities affected by the waves are NASA scientific research centers including NASA headquarters in Washington. The evacuation plane has been executed to move people to safety. With other unstoppable forces of the nature the Hurricane Irene which is continuing to strike reaching deeper into North Carolina the current events are ringing the bell as the "Code Red" was declared in NASA HQ in DC for maintaining safety of the energy centers, manufacturing facilities and nuclear plants, to stand the earthquakes and hurricanes. NASA has a technology which prevents the danger of the newly designed small footprint nuclear reactor meltdown. The low power level guarantees it is very safe. In case of earthquake or hurricane or other situation where the new power reactor may fail, the reactor safety system does know hoe to shut down the affected device. But as the newly designed reactor can be deployed in arrays where the next available device takes over the failed one and continues to provide several dozens of kilowatts of electricity for the need of people evacuated from the earthquake or hurricane epicenter. NASA has envisioned the new designs for the power plants for the outer space which can power oxygen and hydrogen generators and charge battery cells of manned and unmanned electric rover vehicles serving needs of the space stations on other planets of the Solar system, the advanced designs could be re-used to improve and enforce the Earth power generating plants against earthquakes and hurricanes. Being affected by East Coast earthquake NASA nuclear agency applies the seismic expertise and enforces improvements in the structural engineering for the nuclear energy plants to set the preemptive measures helping avoid the earthquake outcomes. The teams of technical subject matter specialists and earthquake experts have been sent by the agency to examine the power plant and collect information for the detailed assessment of earthquake risks at the U.S. nuclear reactors.

NASA has created a miniature nuclear reactor to power outer space human habitat installations for the colonies planned to be established in the long term on Moon and Mars. While expedition to Mars and other interstellar habitation are being prepared, the miniature nuclear reactor design could be used on Earth as one way to reduce risks of earthquake outcomes. The newly designed nuclear power plant could generate a larger, and far more dependable, supply of electricity, than solar cells or chemical sources of energy. The portable nuclear plant generates 40 Kilowatts of electricity and fits in a suitcase size container.

Portable generator is exponentially less heavy than standard nuclear power plant and can power up to eight normal-sized homes. This smaller size source of energy is ideal for the type of emergency conditions and have been designed by NASA Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory. Portable generator small footprint, its reliability and durability are the key factors for the tiny nuclear electricity plant to provide fission power on Earth in any place the emergency situation requires a power generator, while there is an urgent need on planet Earth. The Mars, Moon and other interstellar habitation where the unique suitcase-sized nuclear plant was planned to be used first may have to wait while the urgent needs here on Earth will be served to help evacuated people affected by earthquakes and hurricanes need electricity today.



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