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New whisper quiet Tesla Model S electric car with superior GPS navigation

by Rus Abz 2011-10-07 11:39


Tesla Model S electro GPS navigator

Model S is a fully electric car and it blasts from 0 to 80MPH in seven eye blinks. With its unique DC fast charging the Model S adds of up to 300 miles of range in just an hour of charge. There's a lot of leather to be found and high-quality materials abound, but the focal point of the whole thing is the 17-inch touchscreen wedged in vertically where you'd expect a GPS navigator, car stereo and climate controls to be. That's all handled on 17-inch touchscreen command center display. It's using an IR system to detect touch soon to be extended by the capacitive touch to allow operating interface controls with gloves on. The high precision "On The Road" GPS navigational system provides large, beautiful Bird's Eye Junction overhead view on the high resolution GPS topographic map. There is an option to launch applications side by side, with both applications sharing display surface. The control center aggregates information from multiple sources, music included, with easy access to large internal drive and Slacker Radio. An additional driver's display behind the wheel works in parallel rendering most important information, vehicle speed and electric battery charge level. The Model S command center can connect to a WiFi hotspot and has an active connection via the 3G modem too.

GPS navigational Command CenterFrom the command center a passenger can easily launch a full-featured Webkit browser. The web browser may be disabled while car is moving, or may be only enabled on the go when there's a passenger present. The condition is detected thanks to the airbag sensor built into the second seat. Model S software engineers will be including a special application for iPhone and Android mobile platforms. The mobile app is capable to perform vehicle control with real time GPS location tracking capabilities based on HTML5 interface for port to other mobile devices. Vehicle control mobile app does monitor current battery charge, climate control pre-condition settings of Model S to heat it up or cool it down while the vehicle is plugged in to the electrical grid charging the battery. The coolest GPS based feature works in real-time providing bird's eye junction view of where your car is going on GPS topographic map, with most current speed reading. Tesla has no plans to store the electric car GPS location data to keep away from privacy concerns. But this real time GPS navigational information transmitted to your smartphone or mobile personal assistant gadget allows the owner of the Model S to watch the vehicle and track its precise most current location. 


Superior GPS controlled Tesla Model S electric car

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